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Opportunity eludes the hesitant soul
As Ryan walks along the seemingly desolate trail, sand kicks up with every step. The
ocean's surf pounds the shore with a mighty roar. Listening to the wind howl against the rustling leaves, he can feel himself entranced by nature's sounds. The starry sky induces tranquility, filling his eyes with romantic beauty. Anxiety and worry leave him like a deflating balloon. He is familiar with this state of well-being only too well as he has traveled this same path many times before.

To him a state of solitude is not equivalent to loneliness but rather is quite invigorating. However, curiosity occasionally creeps up on him like a serpent to its prey. Many times he had thought to himself how it would feel to share this relaxing experience with a loved one. He knows for certain that alone he is able to enjoy nature's beauty. Would it be too risky to invite someone to hear through his ears and see through his eyes? Suppose the other does not appreciate the gifts that he could share. Would it forever change his perception of this enchanted scene and consequently be forever shackled by the chains of nervousness and fear?

Suddenly he hears a shuffling sound just ahead. The night does not allow him to immediately identify the intruder. He can feel the path's normal effect on him disappearing. Nerves tingle as the sound draws nearer. Out of the shadows appears a woman. Low lighting only allow his eyes to notice her petite size. However, his ears seem to dance as she passes him. "Hello there". The sound of her voice as sweet as nectar. Her words as soft as cotton. Her warm greeting replicating the calming effect he had only experienced walking this trail alone. He wonders whether he should turn around and speak sweet words that would captivate her attention. His lips quiver and his mind jostles. A racing thought drives through him: How would it feel to combine nature' s tranquilizing power and her serene presence?

The woman is already about twenty feet behind him. Twenty feet become thirty feet. He
thinks it is too late to ask her to join him in witnessing the sights and sounds that caress his heart. He could still hear her as she drags her flip-flops against the trail. Every step feels like a vacuum, pulling at his heart. He listens to the surf and leaves while looking up at heaven's light show. It does not feel the same. Anxiety takes over his being. Seeing this as a missed opportunity to taste love, he shudders as he walks the same path that once made him rejoice and now only petrifies his soul.

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