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Finding comfort in sound.

In the room where I live it is sound apropos;
on my tan tabletop sits a small radio.
In the wee morning hours I play Coast-to-Coast
with some topics of interest, George Noory the host.

I recline on my love seat relaxed with a sigh;
in the core of convenience my laptop nearby.
It’s an Asus with Windows 8—mouse on the floor;
You Tube uploads abundant, there’s much to adore.

I’ve upgraded my TV—old Magnavox gone;
(an old cathode ray TV tube which I was fond.)
But now there in the corner flat screen, hues abound;
cable-ready, amazing Toshiba surround.

Hooked within USB, DVD bides its time;
(I must say this technology seems so sublime.)
There the silver disk spins and a movie appears,
bringing waves of emotion from guffaws to tears.

So the sounds all around bring much comfort at night;
even my gray space heater’s warm hush gives delight.
In the other-wise silence assuaging is found;
the connection between my five objects is sound.

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