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Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment or act of different types of people or things, especially towards race, age, or gender. This has been a problem in many countries throughout centuries of living. People that support discrimination are saying, jewish people aren’t as welcomed as christians. Women aren’t as strong as men. Muslims are terrorist. Blacks are criminals. Whites are rich. Men can’t marry men. Women can’t marry women. These stereotypes need to stop. Everyone, I mean everyone is equal. No scratch that, that is not true, because if that were true, I wouldn't be typing this, people wouldn't be getting hurt, athletes wouldn't be kneeling down. What is true, is that we need to starting acting upon those actions and stand up. People no matter ethnicity, gender, age, who you love, and more need to come together and fight for their equality. Because it’s 2017, almost 2018. We have to evolve from past history. Who the hell cares if you are jewish, gay, a women, 18, black, white, muslim or more. You are welcomed. And you are loved. and people should tell you that everyday.
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