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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Mythology · #2150553
Gods create.
The Creation Gallery was built to be very minimalistic, only the devices you need to create. In the center of the room floats a large orbicular hologram, a sort of blank slate. A low-back office chair sits in front of the console underneath the globe. The console is completely virtual, no real controls. Each Creation Gallery only houses one globe, one console, one chair, and one door. The room is very sterile and clean.
“So this will be your Creation Gallery, this is where the creating happens. What happens in the Creation Gallery stays in the Creation Gallery, am I right?” Tagas joked. Hasmal did not find it as funny, but still chuckled a bit, more to make Tagas feel better. “Anyway.”
“Are there any limits to what we can make?”
“No, not really. There is a golden rule: never abandon what you are create, for you are responsible for what your creatation. We had a few...mishaps in the past. If you don't like what you have made, too bad. You do get an entire galaxy to mess around with, so there's that.” Taga continued to walk around the mostly empty room. Taga sighed, “there was one incident with one individual not too long ago.”
“What happened?” Hasmal sat down at the console and started to bring up some menus that took the place of the holographic orb.
“J.C. Happened.” Tagas face contorted in a disgusted look.
“What? The J.C.?”
“Yeah, the J.C. He made this galaxy, he named it the Milky Way. Don't know why, just liked the sound of it I suppose. Anyway, he made this galaxy, and like most others, started small, one of the out lying planets, played around, experimented, which is normal. When he was ready to make his main planet, the one he would focus on most he made a race called humans. Well, he had so much fun watching these humans that one day he decided to take a trip down with the idea, for some reason, to tell the humans that he was the son of god. Most of the humans ate it up. They loved him. He would do little tricks for the humans, like turn water into wine. Walking on water, that made people lose their minds”
“Why wine?”
“Why not? To get drunk. Everything was going pretty well until someone got the idea to that he was not the son of god, and had him killed. Crucified, then someone stabbed him with a spear. That is what killed him. So we use him as an example of what not to do. Also, he is not allowed to create anymore.”
“I can understand that, sort of.”
“Yeah, he started a sort of craze. For thousands of years people worshiped him, killed for him, died for him. It was insane. We have policies in place to prevent things like that from happening, but every once and a while someone gets the great idea to make contact with their creations.”
“Hence the screening process.”
“Hence the screening process. Did you like it?”
“Not really. Very personal. I now understand it, and why its so invasive.”
“Yeah, I would apologize but,”
“Don't. If it helps to prevent what J.C. did and help weed out the crazies.”
“That is what we are hoping to do, but like anything else, it's not 100%. We do the best we can.”
“Doing the best you can, all you can do, all any of us can do.” Taga looks at his watch, “well have fun and don't get into too much trouble. If you have any questions just ask.”
“Thanks, I'll do my best.”
Taga nodded at Hasmal, turned and left the room.
“So where do I begin?” Hasmal said out loud.
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