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by Fyn
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Experience · #2150624
She is who she is and who she isn't

Ren. Rendering.
Enduring. Adorable.
Sarcastic as all hell.
But funny as can be ...
when she isn't sick or stressing.

Sparkly boots. Bare truth.
Can't say 'when pigs fly' with her...
she is surrounded by them. Oh,
and rabbits and bunnys.
A phenomenal mom, while I'm confessing!

Writer-wise, she's unique. Avoids
punctuation like the plague.
She's scintellating, exasperating.
And loves interior rhyme. Much of the time.
A harder judge than I. Or not. Depends.

Multi-tasker extraordinaire.
Positively the best person EVER--
but do not get on her bad side: never!

Never sleeps or always asleep--
completely relaxed or
like bacon on steroids or
loose wires frying or
an exploding bag full of multi-colored popcorn or
a sound mixer on the fritz. She blitzes!

Doesn't like poetry going on and on.
Concise, blatant, On point.
Doesn't mince--
as in words. Swords are less dangerous.
Silken smooth, soft as an Oahu breeze at sunset.

Unpredictable. Dependable.
Knightress, enchantress or total witch.
If you don't like her mood;
wait a moment; she'll switch!
Empathic. Strong. Rarely wrong.
(She'd say never!) Extrememly clever.
A body bag and shovel friend.

A willow tree never breaking in the wind.
Steadfast as an Elder Oak.
Bottomless well of a caring soul.
Been shattered yet is inexplicably whole!

Tourquois and persimmon, avocado and tangerine--
a spectrum of absolutes, yet everything inbetween.
Bottom line; she's my friend.

53 lines

Prompt for: Feb 28 (Ren/Fyn)
Subject or Theme: Have fun with this! Write about BOTH Ren and Fyn! Make it funny. Tongue in cheek! Making stuff up is okay. Being honest (but funny) is okay. Note: she and I will only write about each other, but you have to write about both of us!
Word(s) to Include: none (or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): none (or any derivatives of these words)
Additional Parameters: 53 lines EXACTLY.
Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.
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