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The picture is from my web cam when I lived in the townhouse. This is a bit of a rant.
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What are spirits? Where do they come from?

         As kids, some of us are told they are not real while some are not told anything at all. Some people believe in them and try to teach their kids how to handle them. Some think that spirits are those who have died or a god or deity they worship.
For as long as I can remember I have seen, heard, felt and smelt things others have not. It all started when we moved into my dad's house and I was scared. I was a five-year-old girl in a home I was not used to. I do not know what made me so scared that night. My mom was wonderful. She took my hand and we walked through the house showing me it was safe.
          As we walked into the back room which was huge and turned into my dad's office/ computer room/ sitting area/ moms sewing corner. I saw a man in a hat and trench coat looking in the window. I pointed him out but mom did not see him. Was he real? Was he a spirit or ghost? That night would change my life forever.
          I had your normal fears of my closet and letting my arm or leg hanging off the bed and being afraid to sleep with my back to the door. Hop through time and I am a teenager now living in a new state and a new home. I could not go up the two flights of stairs without feeling scared. I often would wake up feeling like I was being watched. Finally, a friend said Jessica, you are sensitive to spirits. You need to buy two pentacles. One to wear and one to put over your bed. I did and it helped some.
          Once again in my early 20's the man in the hat makes another appearance. I was going to the store late at night, walking to my car it was like I was outside of my body looking at the house. I saw him in the air. In real life, I turned around and he was gone. Fast forward. Living in a new state again. Parents are out of town and something bangs on the house scaring the life out of me and my cat. Nothings there.
          As a young adult dad buys me a townhouse. Now mind you I wanted to rent and do this adult thing on my own but did it his way and paid him rent. I couldn't tell him something was off about the place. Strange faces appearing on webcams. Having rushes of heat hot as a fever hit you in bed out of nowhere and wanting to hurt people. I am non combative, it scared me so bad I slept downstairs for three weeks.
          I have always been interested in witchcraft but never practiced. I burned sandalwood incense in order to be able to sleep in my room. Strange dreams while pregnant. Bought my own house with my husband and he sees a shadow and yells at my daughter to go to sleep. Shes passed out. Pregnant again seeing and hearing things that are not there.
         Getting scared for no reason at night and repeating. Nothings in the house, nothing can hurt you. Today its the 28th of Feb and I saw a shadow dart across the house. I have run into what I thought was a person and no one was there. Things moving on there own no one getting hurt yet thank the Gods. Am I crazy or am I haunted? I may never know but I prefer haunted.
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