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Someone told me to share some of my other writing, so I am! Animal POV
The scenery was soft and prepossessing as light sunlight danced between the leaves. The botany was elegant and well-positioned. Arvo lifted his muzzle to the air, legs barely making a whisper against the many flowers littered across the light woodland. The sun poured warmth over his back, and he relished the feeling. The two felines were traveling, their pads growing tougher from the hard ground they had just past through. They were grateful for a break in the scenery.

A yelp sounded from behind the bark, a thud a second later, knocking Arvo out of his wondrous daze. Arvo sighed, his white hide lifting and falling evenly with it. With a lash of his tail, he whipped around, stalking back with a vexed expression. The ginger tabby who had yelped was now sitting back, sneezing as the pollen from the blossoms around him traveled upwards. "Torpe, could you be a little more careful? We don't have time for this." Arvo stated simply, snuffling at the tabby's fur. "You're not hurt, are you? It wouldn't be very helpful if you are. No wonder your name means clumsy, be more careful, will you?" Arvo grumbled, nudging him onwards. Even though the unpigmated feline's words were on the edge of being harsh, fondness for the awkward character burst in his chest. Torpe grinned in his cat-like way, "No promises, Arvo!" He said, shaking out his fluff of a pelt.

With a wisp of his tail, the two moved aloud their way, stopping to romp in the field for a bit, due to Torpe's insistence. They froliced with yowls of joy and easygoing pounces until their fur was tinted yellow from the pollen. With Arvo finally over his inclination to get going, Torpe decided his partner could use some fun.

When they finally settled, Arvo layed, lapping grass from his nails. "You made me get sod in my claws!" He exclaimed, and Torpe only snorted with amusement. "Oh, stop being such a big baby! Certainly a strong tom like you will be skilled enough to get simple pollen out of your beloved claws!" He said, leaning on him with a wide cat-grin for a moment, cleaning his own pelt now.
Arvo shook his head and chuckled softly, picking at his paws again. "You're evil," he joked, nudging the tabby.
Torpe shrugged "You love me, no matter if I got grass in your claws or not."
Arvo stuck out his tongue at his companion. "Whatever you need to tell yourself, my friend." He said, flicking an ear in a good-humored way. Perhaps it was his own thoughts, but something between them twinkled.

I wish you did... Whispered Torpe's mind.
More than you think... Mumbled Arvo's
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