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You feel like you're drowning. Yet everyone knows you know how to swim
Waking up in the Morning just to want to go back to bed.
This is a shoutout to all the people going through, or who had gone through depression!

I never thought Id make it through but I did.
Deppression is hard, Depression is scary. Im not going to lie, when I was going through deppression I thought I was going to die. I thought It was too late to fight. I gave up on everything I loved, everything that made me who I was and what hurt the most was I blocked everybody I cared about out, I shut them off. one at a time until I was finally alone. lonely and in desparate need for a shoulder to lean on, but personaly I didnt want help, I didn't really think anyone would be able to help me. I went on like this for days and days.... until I fell in love. Until I found that one person, who would look at me and I would find the strength to hold on, to fight for another day. He 'brought me back to life'
You have to fight, you cant give up, even if you want to. Find something, find someone, find that thing or person that is your anchor, that is your strength that still kept you holding on this long, and hold onto it, hold on tight and just breath.
When you find something you love, you don't ever want to lose it because its your strength. Its the same for depression, except, that thing or person you're holding onto has to feel the same, has to be what makes you who you are. it has to be your past action that defines your future.
You just have to find it and try not to let go.

You can get through it. You can all get through depression.
Just remember everything that you forgot.

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