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Final chapters and synopsis
Synopsis: Chapter 27: It is the time for confessions. Charles no longer wants to host Joshua’s spirit. Joshua is “upset.”

21 Charles Farrington is introduced to Connie. Mable Farrington, Connie’s best friend, introduces Connie to Charles Farrington, Mable’s cousin. Joshua listens in. Joshua sees the opportunity for his next host.

22 Charles Farrington is Introduced to Joshua. Dennis is out of the picture, Joshua uses Charles to get close to Connie. The first jump is intentional and there is resistence from Charles. Have to do serious negotiation to get the merge to be voluntary and not by force.

23 Aunt Maude is Back to Interfering. Connie does not want another man in her life, but Aunt Maude is pressing on a commitment with Charles. Maude knows the secrets and payoffs if Connie teams up with Charles.

24 Gentleman’s Agreement. Joshua and Charles are merged but they can’t do this all the time, there has to be some give on when to stay merged and when Joshua must back out.

25 Hall of Secrets. Aunt Maude is the town recordkeeper and makes a hefty income from her ability to keep her mouth shut at a price. She is training Connie in on how this works. Aunt Maude is sick and must work fast to get Connie trained.

26 Discovery. Joshua disengages so that Charles can go to Club 411. Connie discovers JB.

27 Confession. Charles Farrington, confesses to Joshua. Joshua must choose using up Charles life force or finding another host.

28 Combat. Joshua and Charles are in internal conflict again. Joshua is surprised Charles lasted this long.

29 Crossing Over. Charles and JB will cross over but neither one knows if they are damned to hell, received into heaven, or wait in purgatory until the final judgment.

30 To Rise Again. Aunt Maude is now near then end and needs help crossing over. It is a good time for her to confess to Connie her relationship with Dennis, Charles and Joshua. Each character has a personal message on what it is to rise again.

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