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Written for a friend
My love has a secret, a place that he runs
A land where the child within plays.
A town built on memories
And the laughter of kin
And the promise of much brighter days.

Surrounded by beauty, and Cumbrian coast
His mind wanders to times in his past.
Of children and beaches
And days in the sunshine,
When the time didn't fly by so fast.

From Haverigg, south, to The Hill at the north
His joy for this place knows no bounds.
He travels there freely
To see those left behind
And echoes of his love still resound.

How I wish he had shown me, this place in his heart,
I'd have seen all the wonders he'd see.
But my fear for this place
Where an outcast I'd be
Made me turn on my heels and flee.

An echo in time where my voice can't be heard
Where the iron still hangs in the air,
And The Scutcher stands guard
O'er the townsfolk below
As a reminder for all to take care.

When the summer sun shines on this place in his heart
And the Black Combe stands watch over men,
My love can be found
With a smile on his lips
As he walks through this place, once again.

From the shore to the south to the lakes up above
From the site of the Low Scales he'll stay,
Recalling his past
And the peace he knew here,
Where the rest of the world falls away.

How I wish I had seen it, the glint in his eye
For this beautiful town near the coast,
Where the fields stretch for miles
And the fells rule the skyline
And my love feels the warmth of his host.

Through nights in his past, that were roaring with thunder
And wintry days filled with snow
When, to Millom he travels
The young child returns
To the memories that I'll never know.

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