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About the Bethlehem star, and how today every star can remind us of it. Please Critique.
A Christmas Star

December, 2017

Robert Deimel

I understand that once a star shone brightly over a dreary town
A star which led enlightened men toward Bethlehem to find their king;
That these were men who knew the signs that God himself would soon come down
And for our world where darkness reigned would now, for all, redemption bring.

I understand that shepherds came, who saw that star outstanding in
the sky above the desert where, in darkness, they were watching sheep.
And these low shepherds, having heard the voice of angels speak to them,
Left all they had and, following that light, they walked into the deep --

The deep of barren wilderness, where there was neither light nor sound.
Engulfed by solitude they came, proceeding on the stone cold ground;
Their confident unswerving faith while trailing this ethereal light
gave credence, purpose, energy empowering them throughout the night.

Two thousand years have come and gone since wise men followed that bright star;
And nations rose and then declined, and cultures came and passed away.
As it was then, and ever since, that heavenly star has offered hope
for every people, every race throughout the Earth up to today.

A trillion stars remind us now of that pure light which shepherds saw;
And every star whose light has pierced through infinite and darkened space
is redolent of that same star which angels, kings and wise men sought
and which, tonight and every night, reminds us of His saving grace.

For everyone who sees a star when glancing upward in the night
And recollects the shepherds' trek, their journey to that sacred site,
And then recalls the purpose of His birth, His life, His promise kept,
Be now renewed, be joyful then, for you are heirs – you are the light!

And when you see a candle burn with soft and incandescent grace,
Its slender flame which pierces through the dark of its surrounding space;
Recall the star which guided men and angels, shepherds, kings, the wise;
And feel the hope, His promise now fulfilled, His love which never dies!

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