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Dear__________, where have you gone to leave me like this...?

I remember the first time
I walked into that room
and found you
waiting for me

I remember that feeling
of belonging for the first time in my life
after those long years
of nothing

I remember thinking, on that day,
"We still have a long way to go,
together with everyone."
But the separation I thought would never come to us
has arrived, knocking at my door

You and me, together
Should we sit in a circle
and look at each other?

All the memories
upon the flowery path
with you,
who resembles the weather

All of them are written in letters

We find ourselves lost
in the open fields of nothing
You, the pale moon
which reflects the light
of the rest of the world

I never knew
of this feeling of
satisfaction and emptiness
at the same time

I afraid to find out what's next,
though I know
it's foolish to fear
what we've yet to see and know

You've given me a lot.

You gave me courage,
a life,
a family.

But it's time to find a new family.

Sometimes, I wish I was a cloud...

Just floating along,
going wherever the breeze takes me.

There's no advantage to hurrying through life;
even now, I feel like crying...
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