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by ember
Rated: E · Script/Play · Horror/Scary · #2150954
Gemma learned the hard way, that you just don't take another woman's man.

Shara's pov
Plastic containers containing various spiders sat in a neat row on the blanket on soft grass, in front of the oak tree. With her heart full of rage, despair, and embarrassment, Shara took candles out of her red bag and placed them on the blanket, four black candles one for each corner of the blanket, north south east and west. Two red alter candles placing them at the top of blanket in front of the oak tree, two bowels, one for salt and one for the spiders, a knife and cup for water and bags of poisonous herbs.

Thinking about her ex and how she lost him to that woman, brought angry tears to her eyes. It wasn't fair, she didn't do anything wrong, she didn't deserve this. Thinking about all the late nights, and many days that he spent over at her house, how he would come home late and crawl in bed next to her, and how he ignored her and started helping her out more and more around the house. Nearly blinded by heartbroken tears, Shara lit the candles and then slowly and carefully she took the containers holding spiders and killed them, then mixed them with the herbs.

Sitting back, she reached into her bag and brought out one last item, for the spell. A plastic bag holding bloody handkerchief. Taking it out, she tore off the bloody part of handkerchief and dropped it into the mixture.

Being in the middle of woods, felt somehow right to be doing this curse. Her and her ex used to go for walks in these woods and now he takes her.

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