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by Rei
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2150960
A sentient being watches the destruction of it's home.
          Dark. Everything is dark. Where am I? What am I. A light begins to flicker on and a kind face looks down at his creation. People talked all around them as the man smoothes his fingertips over the smooth metal of the suit's helmet. Hello? Who are you? Can you hear me?

          "You're... beautiful." The man says with a fond smile. "It's such a shame that I will not be able to watch you and your siblings grow." The suit attempts speech again and turns it's head to see two other suits in containers. They each held a talisman in their folded hands. Sudden booming sounds came from outside the area and alarms started going off. "Live well and find a rider."

Then everything went dark once more.

          Light comes to the suit again and it sees destruction. A planet, in a shade of deep but beautiful red, going up in flames and imploding on itself. It feels it's own talisman in it's hand, and holds onto it in order to give it some hope that it can give it some reassurance it'll live well like it's creator as it's been commanded.
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