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by River
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Keeping watch
Feline Night Patrol

It was a hectic shift last night; visibility reduced by heavy snow made it difficult to see further than the patio door. However, I did my feline duty, ever watchful for threats from outside. My name is Sir Trevor and my job is to protect us, I mean Mum, from danger.

Mum puts sunflower seeds in the bird feeder, but all sorts of critters are addicted to those seeds and some of them are rather shady characters.

I keep watch close to the glass doors. Now and then, I check on Mum making sure she's still breathing and I keep an eye on my food bowl.

While on one of these missions, I heard crunching in the snow sounds coming from outside. With my belly close to the ground I crept toward the patio door. Three large creatures were standing on the patio eating seeds. Mum calls these beasts deer and she likes them. She doesn't realize the damage they could do to the glass doors with their big hooves. Why they could come right through the glass and into the living room! I backed away from the area and went to check on Mum again.

When I returned a black and white creature caught my eye. I wrinkled my nose because he smelled horrible; once again, I backed slowly away.

I decided it would be safer, for Mum, if I crawled into bed with her. I snuggled up to Mum and purred softly, sure everything would be all right now.
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