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I shrink back into my large winter coat as another chill rolls it's way down my spine. The snow was falling evenly, sticking to the ground below. The world around me was covered in white, a wondrous yet frigid time of year. Winter.

As I crunched through the white powder, a faint cry hit my ears. I didn't think much of it, it was probably children playing joyfully, until the cry came out louder. I slowed to a stop, silently gazing around, until my eyes landed on an alleyway. I slowly made my way towards the echoing alley, turning the corner hesitantly. I have to admit, my curiosity got the best of me as my shaky legs carried me down. In front of me was a tattered little girl with thinning hair, lying in the snow on her back. She was a scrawny thing, and couldn't have been older than seven. I let out a shocked gasp and moved to my knees to cradle the little girl, taking off my jacket to wrap around her.

"My goodness, what happened, dear?" I cried, brushing snow off her clothes.
"L-lost..." The girl rasped, her small eyes still closed.
"How about I take you to my house, honey? Get you all warmed up, then I can find out where you belong." I said, not really allowing it to be a question as I stand up with the small bundle in my arms.
"Y-yes" The little girl flicked open her eyes, and I almost dropped her. Her eyes were an evil color. I sensed a cold presence within her, but it was gone as soon as it came. I was on the move again, jogging evenly towards my small house at the end of the block. The snow crunched furiously as I moved, and I kicked it up behind me. The girl mumbled under her breath, but I could only make out 'Hungry.'

As I reached my small cottage, my neighbor Don looked at me with a curious expression. I opened the door quickly and shut it even quicker. As I set the girl down, I heard her rasp "Hungry.." again, and I moved to the kitchen to get her something. I came back with a yummy sandwich and a lukewarm water bottle, but I was once again stopped in my tracks. The girl was now standing up, her eyes open and rolling in her head. Her nails were no longer nails, but claws. A large, inhuman grin came to her face. "Hungry... for flesh." She said, no longer a raspy voice. I dropped the items in my hands, petrified. I was rooted to the ground, no matter how hard I tried. The demon moved with lightning speed, and before I could scream, my throat was ripped out. I felt the warm, terrible feeling of blood pour down my neck, and the painful crack of my back hitting the ground. It took a second, but unbearable pain shot up my body, but I couldn't scream. My vision turned black, but my eyes were still open. I was staring at not a little girl, but a pitch black demon with terrible coal eyes. I felt myself go limp, but not without the claws of the dreadful beast dig its claws into my stomach, and the words "Death to the weak."

And my wish to help got me killed.
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