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by K.HBey
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Our century is amazed by the great progression and modernity but by its side effects too.
What are we going to become as human beings, within such uncertain future?
Wars surround us and human death becomes just a daily banal event.
Constant policy peace reconciliation always fails.

We, human beings and everywhere, endorse the bad consequences. This is like money exchange troubles. The refuges problem is the most crucial. It puts many countries in front of illegal immigration and both financial and health troubles.

Poorness is contrasting with plethoric wealth. Indeed, it becomes hard to build life and earn honorably income when someone starts from zero. Choices are narrowed for poor and it is harsh to get a work among those who are still waiting for a job. Wealth resources are then distributed in an unbalanced way.
Capitalism transition has in a certain way jeopardizes a certain finance equilibrium because of the lack of efficient mechanisms of poor insertion during such period. Also, medium social layer has completely disappeared.

We are targeted by many illnesses even though the gigantic health development. That is because of a certain life mode and some side effects of modernity that we have not taken into account previously. Cardiovascular, respiratory, cancer and sexual or not infectious diseases are the most concerned in such 21
st century.

Also nutrition troubles are here to add salted fees to such bill, according to both quality and quantity.

Ethnicity trouble puts some people in an absolute both danger and obscurantism. Add to this, ignorance and primitive life that some nations still know in such 21st century.

The drawing canvas of our contemporary 21st century is indeed enough pessimistic. However we have many means to manage the modernity according to safety, comfort and emancipation around the world.
Then, we should act in consequence promptly, as we have still time.

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