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Preview of a story I'm writing. More of a short Prologue, really.
Arvo crouched next to the elderly feline as she broke out in another bout of hacking coughs, trembling the whole way through. Her eyes were dull and glazed, as if she already saw the fate before her. The cold alleyway seemed to be swallowing her up, her dark pelt stained with mud. She had caught the illness that was spreading unmercifully through their group, they called it Long-Death. The plague affected the cats terribly, barely giving them enough energy to cough. With five deaths in the last three days, the illness had hit hard and fast.

Arvo nuzzled her cheek "Stay awake, Adsila. You're going to be okay." He mewed, but the emotion in his eyes said otherwise.
Adsila didn't have enough energy to muster words, but her look said it all. 'Don't be stupid. I've lived long enough, this is the end.' It screamed.
Arvo closed his eyes "Adsila, please... You're my mother and the groups most trusted guard. Don't leave us..." He choked out, angling his ears in sadness. He raised his well-shaped head as Enzo, their group 'leader,' padded into view. "How is she?" He inquired, only to get a shake of Arvos head. Enzo wasn't empathetic, and was only asking because he was wondering if he had to take out another dead body. Or really, make one of his servants, Xerxes do it. Enzo shook his head, and without another word, turned away and trotted back from which he came. Rude furball. Arvo stroked Adsila's side as she coughed again, barely able to move. This was it, she was going to die.

Adsila passed a long and painful death, her energy and will to live being clawed out of her day by day. Her last words to Arvo, mustering her last drop of strength, was "Save them." Arvo took this to heart.

Arvo flipped his head back with a yowl of anguish, feeling his limbs tremble with grief. He pressed his forehead to Adsila's skinny side, her ribs visible and sticking out under her thin pelt. "Wherever you are now, walk peacefully. May hunting be good and the sun warm on your back." He mewed, his voice raspy and all but useless from despair. He forced his shaky legs to support himself as he straightened up"This has to stop, I need to help us." He declared, shutting his eyes tight.

"No one will die like Adsila anymore."
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