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His loving spirit still haunts me. A Pet News Contest Entry
Ghost Dog

I called him “Scooter” from the start –
the way he’d bounce around.
He scooted right into my heart.
in a special place he’d found.

They say there’s a unique bond
that sometimes can occur;
one that reaches far beyond
and death cannot deter.

He had a spirit, wild and free,
and when he left – I swear –
his spirit stayed and haunted me.
I’d feel him everywhere.

At night when I’d drift off in bed
I’d feel him snuggle near.
I’d reach out to pat his head
but he would disappear.

I’d find a shoe would disappear
and I knew who to blame.
I’d laugh because to me ‘twas clear:
this was his favorite game.

He doesn’t come as often now
but he still watches me.
I know that somewhere, somehow
he waits impatiently.

Someday, I'm sure, my time will end
and, though I could be wrong,
I'll reunite with my best friend
who'll ask, "What took so long?"

*Bigsmile* Darn demanding dog! Always wanting to play, to go for a walk, to be fed...

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An entry for the March round of "The PET NEWS CONTEST
Prompt: Open
Line Limit: 40
Line Count: 28
Form: Quatrains  
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