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notes & updates on my stories - News on possible new stories
As You can now see I've organised most of my stories into folders according to genre

Okay I'm going to ramble on a little here - As I've said most of my stories I started some time ago a few are new. You may wonder why I started so many stories without finishing them? Truthfully I hope to finish them all eventually but it goes like this - I start a story get so far and either get stuck, loose interest or life intrudes when I get stuck I tend to leave the story alone for a time and in between I start another story and so it goes the process repeats. I go back to an earlier story and so on and because I like variety as well! So that's a little insight to how I go about writing my stories. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else it's just the way I tend to work. It can be confusing having so may stories going through you head. You may notice that in most of my stories that the main character is a heroine I'm male myself I think I choose a female as the hero because I feel more for the heroine than I would a male hero I am more protective of the character off course some of my stories have male hero's some both.

I'm considering writing an episodic story, you know like a TV series sort of thing with a main plot running through the whole but each episode has a side story either completed in one episode or two or three episodes. It will be the first time I've tried anything like this and it may not work. It will also be set in present day which is difficult for me also so we will have to see - Okay I'm still considering the episodic story I may post paragraph or two as a test example to see what sort of reaction I get provisional title for now is - Hazel's Eye

I'm still thinking of doing the above episodic story I even made a tentative start but still unsure if I should continue with it

Some of you might remember that I mentioned a while back that I had lost one of my stories that I had started writing?. I haven't found it yet but I remember some of it so I'm thinking of starting it over again. I cant remember what I titled it so will have to think of new title. Of course as with most of my stories its a tale of magic! So that's to come soon.

Here are notes on how I pronounce some of the character names, places etc. in my stories:-
I'm not going to pronounce the more obvious or short names etc you can work that out for yourselves

Be patient with me on this as I'm filling this section in gradually

The Scarred One heroine - In-ona/ Lashia - Lash-i-a/ Caliradia - Calir-rad-ia/ Lewyne Vale- Loo-win

Dragon Dream - dragon name - Pelonia - Pel-on-e-a - full name - you really want to know? Well here goes- Peloniaonthantriofelusia - first part as before Pel-on-e-a then, - on-fan-tri-o-fel-oos-i-a

Melondthera Of Darkenfell - Mel- ond-thera/country- Dark-en-fell/ Xalipha- X is silent Ali-Fa /Fenlin Bodren - Fen-lin Bod-ren/Kajadyn Mountains -Ka-jad-din/Rinydal- Rin-dale/Dozyark - Doz-ark/Caphlar- Caf-lar

Sophestria - Soph-est-ri-a or Sof-est-re-a

The Kilydarin - Kily-dar-in

Knight Of Magic - Malybar - Mal-e-bar/Cadyon- Cad-eon/Faryln Forest- Far-lin/

Prince of Sorcery - Cartayis - Car-ta-is

Farreach - Far-reach

Darkside Outpost Three - Mat D'Avolon- De-Avolon/Katreen - Cat-reen/Sianna - Si-anna /Sharimdara - Shar-rim-dara/Sharimda - Shar-rim-da/Gykaloo - Gig-a-loo/Dolphi - Dol-fee

Katawyn - Cat-a-win

Winyd The Wolf - Winyd - Wind (because easier to insert the Y to avoid word confusion)

The Powers of Haddenspor - Had-den-spor

The Banished Sorceress - Maeyon - May-yon/Athmador - Ath-mad-dor/Portswelde - Port-sweld/Susweldia- Sus-wel-d-e-a/Poefwen - Pof-wen


Well I've heard it said by writers and have read about how they get their inspiration for writing. I read that you should write any ideas down when they come to you before you forget and are lost. That some writers get up in the middle of the night to write when an idea for a story comes to them.

Well I sometimes I get like that I wake up during the night with an idea for a story running through my head I woke between 3,00am and 4,00am one night with a story in my head. I pictured a scene which I often do when writing. A woman on a beach I couldn't get a name at first I lay awake trying several names for this mysterious woman I knew she had been banished to this place she stood and that her banishment was about to end. I thought of a world in turmoil that she has tried to warn against now come to pass eventually I came to a name for her and a title for the story - RETURN OFTHE BANISHED SORCERESS - I didn't get up to begin writing it though even though I lay a wake for a couple of hours. My stories sometimes stay in my head forever nagging at me until I do write them down.

Okay everybody I'm going to be concentrating on The Scarred One, Melondthera & Return of the Banished Sorceress - Return of the Banished Sorceress has become a strong story for me and has more of an emotional bias feel to it I just have to let it flow.

Chapter 12 of The Scarred One is here

Chapter 5 of Melondthera here now hope you like it

I will be going away again 20th August for a week

Watch out for a book titled DRAGON'S HEART maybe out later this year my first book to be published so go out and buy soon as its released and enjoy !!! - I'll let everyone know when it's due to be released as soon as I know then you can all rush and buy it and I'll make a fortune Woo Hoo!! haha just my sense of humour?

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