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Lesson 5 From The Ground UP
Small Stone Poem

Spring on a Winter Day

Winter weather seasonable.

Summer birds arriving,

early Spring reasonable.

7, 6, 6 syllables per line
rhyme scheme = a,b,a

We have a flock of red winged black birds at our feeder that arrived in the wind storm, that preceded the blizzard, that hit us this weekend. Apparently two grackles flew in at the same time; as they were also seen for the first time the same day. Another interesting situation was broadcast by the news. We had about two days of melt so the news story was about how this weather was really good for gathering maple tree sap to be condensed into syrup. However, the up and down of the temperatures must surely be giving the sap farmers a bit of concern.

I tried different wording for this small stone:

Winter weather seasonable.
Summer Birds feeding.
Heralding Spring reasonable.

7,5,7 and a,b,a

The first one seemed to me to suit the purpose better but I like the word heralding better than early since I heard them in the trees before I saw them at the feeders. Red winged blackbirds are usually the first to claim territory as they return.

The poem is an interesting way to express what I saw before a serious blizzard hit.

I'm not satisfied with the rhythm of either version of this small stone.

At this time of year winter is still with us in 2018. Sometimes spring is already here. I guess the depth is in how you view the weather in any particular March. It may be reasonable to assume Spring is upon us because of the birds showing up. But, I really know that isn't always true. The poem is abstract because of my knowledge about diverse weather in March. I've fed robins at the feeders in blizzards for several weeks because they arrived sooner than the weather that was suppose to prove Spring. I understand the message. I'm not sure other people will who haven't experienced the weather at our home.

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