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A simple poem about letting go and moving on from the past
Let go I say, let go
Why are you holding on so tight?
Can't you feel yourself bleeding?
Release all that is inside
Heal these scars that bind
Leave it all behind

Help me please, someone
Is there anyone who cares?
Am I the only one leaving out my past?
I want to let go but I can't
Its just all so hard

Come on my dear
You've got to move on
Learn from your past and have some hope
Use them as learning experiences
Accept what makes who you are
Love yourself so you can love others

Its been so long
How can I let go
Something hurts deep within me
Its killing me inside
I wanna be strong
I wanna move on

You are loved
You are special
Embrace all that is within you
You are never alone
You have a Father
You are a child of God
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