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Jack in a underground fort with a guard robot that wont let him leave the fort.
Name : Jack Pegasus Reacher.

My name is Jack Pegasus Reacher and I live by myself in impenetrable,underground fort my dad built to survive the Elemental masters that had threatened to destroy our world,my parents left me in this fort when i was three 8years ago and went to fight the Templars whenand I've been here for eight years thinking they would come back but they didn't so I decided to go up to the surface as I reached the elevator my foot stepped into a bear trap "aghh" I groaned the bear trap caught my leg,the more I moved spikes digging Into my leg then I flue up into the air.

Suddenly robot Mech ( that had been standing on its platform for years)sprouted up from its platform in the corner of the room( near the door). Started to re-sync into the MC-tech database ,after what felt like forever, it said"where do you think your going". "why should I tell you, you could be working with the Templars"I exclaimed "I don't I was designed by your dad to protect you from the Templars not for them".
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