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This story is about a soldier who fought in world war 2
Being in the army is hard work now since we're at war with Germany and Japan.We got dragged into this mess when Japan dropped a bomb on Pearl Harbor.
I was there you could feel something bad was going to happen.Everything was going well for us.
Then someone yelled “bomber plane get to the bunker”
He was talking about a bomb shelter which is something every military base needs to have.I was running as fast I could.
All I could think about was my wife and 2 kids at home I didn’t want to disappoint them.
Suddenly everything went black I was wondering where I was and if I was dead I hoped I wasn’t dead.For 30 seconds I was I woke up in what looked like a hospital.There was a tall and lean man with a army uniform on.
“I’m Brock your army general.I will help you through this tough time in your life.” explained Brock
you could see he was lying at that moment he was a NAZI general suddenly I was getting beat up each hit felt like a train had hit.I would like for the roles to be switched but they were not the next thing I knew I was in a straight jacket.
Now that I am in prison I will probably try to escape but that will take months of planning.first I need to get out of this straight jacket.I will have to be Harry Houdini to escape the straight jacket.I finally got out of it after 30 minutes of failing.
I look outside the window to see a riot everyone seems to be frustrated at someone.now people are even angrier than they were before he was there it seemed as if he was the reason there was a riot.Now I am trying to lockpick the door now where is a screwdriver and a hairpin or something to stick in there.I got the door open after lots of effort there was a guard like 2 feet away from me.I don’t know he got there but he was there.
I had to go through the air vent to get away from the guard.He was right under me it felt so weird that he couldn’t find me or hear me.I got to the roof after sneaking through the vent the place was heavily guarded for a prison it seemed like Alcatraz in the way it was guarded just like the inescapable prison Alcatraz.It was a island I think I could build a raft or something because that’s how 2 people escaped from Alcatraz.
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