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Just a tiny memory that had popped into my mind
On Whidbey Island, next to my father's place there is a farm that we had called Dial's Farm. The Dials' had brought in another horse named "Lacey" and she was a spirited 8 yr old Bay Morgan. She was a spirited horse. Wild and free kind of horse. She would constantly jumped the electric fence to go grazing on the fresh grass in the woods or to eat the crab apples off the trees. I was the usual one they would called to go grabbed her because Lacey was only comfortable with his wife or myself. Lacey was scared of men mostly due to her past experience of an abusive male owner. My brother wanted to ride Lacey but could not due to her fear of men. With that in mind, I had fed her sugar cubes day after day for several weeks but with my brother by my side. After the third week, she had let my brother touch her. Being a teenager at that time I had thought "okay, she must be ready for my brother to ride her!" Boy! Was I wrong! As soon as my brother's butt touched her back; up she goes with her hooves in the air. As her butt touched the electric fence, my brother fell off her backwards into the water troth and off we (her and I) go through the black berry bushes! I had eventually fallen off her right into the middle of a patch of wild black berry bushes. While I was picking out thorns, Lacey came back charging through the patch and spooked the bull that was grazing near the very same bushes that I had fallen into. The bull full of pure muscle stare at me and puffed. I knew I had to start running and fast! Here I was running across the pasture and screaming at my brother to open that gate and he just sat there laughing at me!

Fond memories of childhood and the sacred bond of a brother and a sister.
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