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by Andie
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The story of a gal who is a born entertainer with a voice and body to go with it.
.Word Count: 709

“Somebody bring me some water. Can’t you see I’m out of control?” Her voice boomed, and her shape moved to the tune. She stood tall in her boots and leathers, an eccentricity, she afforded herself. The crowd, raucous and liquor filled, clapped, hollered and sang along with the Queen. Beer flowed like the musical rhythm of the song, and whiskey washed down easy.

Queen’s right foot stomped and tapped along with the karaoke machine’s beat. Her hands clapped and encouraged the audience. The Queen revved up the energy in the throng and they stomped and danced with her.

The Karaoke machine played the Melissa Etheridge song, background guitar ripped; the bass reverberated, and the top hat clashed. Queen sang the accompaniment with her usual power and exuberance.

From the stage to the floor, Queen jumped, and the crowd jumped to their feet in appreciation for her theatrical display. From the floor littered with popcorn, peanuts, and beer cans, Queen hopped on to a chair, and from the chair to the nearest napkin covered table. Queen danced on that table in her four-inch spiked heel, alligator skin black boots, that reached from ankle to knees.

Her rose red leathers gleaming under the subdued lighting drove the crowd to a fever pitch. Her lithe figure was tucked loosely into each seam. Under the leather jacket was a purple t-shirt that advertised the local tavern.

Queen loved boots and leathers. More times than not, though, jumping from the stage ended with her face first or butt planted on the floor because of those boots. But Queen loved the style; she wore boots everywhere and had a closet filled with every boot imaginable.
“Baby's got my heart and my baby’s got my mind,” Queens’s streaming golden blonde hair rocked along with the song’s rhythm, “But tonight the sweet Devil's got my soul”

“Sweet devils got my sooouul,“ echoed the audience.

Queen felt the energy from the women in the crowd. She met their eyes with her own sapphire blue orbs which widened as the frenzy grew. Queen loved it. Women gravitated to her.

“Somebody bring me some water. Can't you see I'm burning alive.” Queen’s voice pounded the words with emotion and fierceness.
Queen sucked in her breath as she closed the set with “Sweet devils got my soul.” She held the final notes and the crowd exploded with an appreciation for her voice and stamina.

She jumped from the table in her spiked heels. Hands reached out to her as she stumbled, and she ran to her dressing room clapping the hands of her fans as she divided the crowd saying, “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Taking a breath, closing the door behind her, and shutting her eyes from the brightness of the dressing room lights, Queen decompressed the only way that she knew how by drinking a double tequila straight. “Another hot and crazy night.” She thought to herself.

Queen heard the crowd calling her back. “A stand out crowd.” She said as she smiled to herself. Then, she felt the tequila take a hold.
“One more and done.” Her sound team prepared for the encore every night and were ready for her return to the stage singing, “Elvira, Elvira. My hearts on fire, Elvira. Giddy up oom poppa omm poppa mow mow.”

Being the Karaoke Queen was draining. Friday and Saturday nights were always filled with performing and entertaining. Monday through Thursday was filled with dishwashing and caregiving. Queen, at work, emanated the same energy she used on stage.

She worked hard in her duties in the kitchen at the residential care center for the elderly. Working with a crew that cared for the residents as she did was energizing and, yet, humbling. Queen loved the residents and used her voice to touch them from behind the kitchen doors. “oom poppa omm poppa mow mow,” was a common chorus emanating from the steam-filled rooms.

However, Queen shone the brightest on the job when she pulled her guitar from the chef's office. She sat down in the dining area and sang folk tunes for the residents while they dined. Love comes through every word and note of every tune on the stage or in the dining room.
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