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Things we should be grateful of as an American. Some cursing involved too.
Grew up in extreme poverty,
Life was hard, living from minute to minute.
Nothing was given, everything taken.
Four pairs of clothes, and flip flops,
No health care, no inoculations.
No washer or dryer,
Not even a dishwasher.

Living in America, Everyone,
Taking everything for granted.
You don't know how to be grateful.
How could you?
You've never just had to survive,
Everything made and sold,
Just for you.

Stale, almost moldy bread for breakfast,
It's a lucky day,
Not to have maggots in our lunch.
We may or may not have dinner,
Small stones are hard and break our teeth.

See, in America you have places to go,
Shelters that provide food and a bed to sleep on.
Resources readily available,
You just have to look it up on the internet.
You can survive, homeless in America,
Yes! I said, You can survive homeless in America!!.
Only in America, still no one is grateful.

Orphanages full of us orphans,
Nuns caring and teaching us,
Showing us how to be.
How to be the perfect child, or perfect wife.
Clean, do dishes, wash cloths, sewing, singing and cook.
Have to be able to do it all,
Waiting to be told Time to Dance.
It is calledThe Dance of Life,
But our life is not our own.

So much to be grateful for,
Here in America,
Yet no one sees it.
Why can't you see?!
See how beautiful America can be!
We are better than Celebrity Presidents,
Who doesn't know what the Fuck Their Doing!!
Dragging us down.
This is a time when,
Racism, Crimes, Hatred, and Intolerance,
Are running rampant.
Our children are closely guarded.
Freedom of speech!! It says, onThe First Amendment,
Yet everyone has to watch what they say,
Can't Offend Anyone!!
You might get Sued!!

Be Grateful!
You Fuckers! You have no Idea how good you have it!
You don't like it, then leave!!
And that is to Everyone!!!
America can be a Great Country again!!
But we need real leaders.
Leaders who can bring the economy back up,
And better yet,
Get us out of debt!!!

America, the land of the free,
and the American Dream;
Whatever that may be.
We need to take care of Our Country!!
If we don't, no one will!!
Stop your fighting over petty matters,
That no one really gives a shit about!!
Stop trying to Convert everyone!!
Let them be who they are,
And you be who you are!!

And be Grateful!!
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