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Music is the best, according to us.
         Life is simple when music is involved. Music is an escape from reality. Music allows you to sink into yourself and recognize your dreams and actions in a song written by someone else. You get caught up in the lyrics and the stories that they tell that you don’t notice that the world is moving forward while you are standing in one spot. This is Cassie’s sentiments on the topic, and she had told many people the very thing that I’m telling you, but she isn’t here right now and I am so you can hear part of her story with mine.
         I am the kind of girl that most people ignore. I’m average looking and I tend to hide in the back of the class. I’ve been told that I’m smart but that can’t be right because I didn’t even put effort into my work. Most people don’t know that I exist. That is, most people but Cassie. She noticed everyone, and she pulled me out of my shell. Oh, how rude of me, I quite forgot to introduce myself. I’m Victoria Hale and I’m a musician.
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