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A fourteen year old girl gets involved in a deal with a demon.
Agatha breathed. She looked down at her hands.
What just happened? She thought. She could still feel that warm tingling feeling running through her veins.
Just seconds before, she had been being beaten up by the neighborhood hooligans. They were kicking and punching and spitting on her like she was an insect. It had happened every day for a year.
But this time, Agatha had had enough. Her heart was racing and her hands began to tingle. Lightning bolts had shot from her palms, electrocuting the bullies. They had fallen to the ground, twitching and cursing in agony.
Agatha was now hiding underneath an overpass, just staring at her hands. She was much too frightened to touch anything. She tried to take deep breaths to calm herself down.
“It’s alright, it’s alright,” She told herself. “This is all just a bad dream, none of that was real. Soon, you’ll wake up and everything will be back to normal. You’ll put on your uniform and go to the academy. It’ll be just fine.” But she knew she was lying to herself.
Agatha didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t tell her parents, they wouldn’t believe her. And she most certainly couldn’t tell the authorities, for they’d take her in and dissect her to find out what was going on. So she sat under the overpass, taking deep breaths and not touching anything.
The buzz in her palms was slowly grew dull, and she started to calm down. She gained enough confidence to set her hands on the ground and stand up. She carefully rubbed her hands together, half-expecting another lightning bolt to blast out of her fingers. But nothing happened. She sighed with relief. She slowly picked up her back-pack and started shuffling home.
Meanwhile, a very different entity had been watching the entire time, and his interest had been peaked. This entity was a little black demon, known as Kade. Son of the devil himself.
Kade had been sitting in a tree, flicking his tail in boredom. Suddenly, he’d heard shouting. He turned to look and saw a group of hooligans surrounding a teenage girl. Kade had watched with interest, expecting the girl to be pulverized like most girls he’d seen. At first, that what seemed like what was going to happen.
Then, suddenly, the girl had done a complete 180. Her eyes grew dark and a loud buzzing sound echoed through the air. In the blink of an eye, bolts of electricity had rained from the sky, temporarily stunning the bullies. Kade had been in disbelief, astounded that what looked and acted like a normal girl had such power. The girl, apparently, had not expected this either, as she stared at her palms in horror and scampered off.
Kade, now very interested in the power this girl held, had flown down from the tree to look for her. With a flap of his red, bat-like wings he flew off. Not before terrorizing a mother and her infant first of course.

Agatha had pretended to be happy when she walked in the front door.
“Mom! I’m home!” She called. No reply. “Mom?” Yet again, no reply. Agatha strolled into the kitchen and found a note on the fridge.
Dear Agatha,
Went out with my friends for a night of drinks. If I’m not home at midnight call your father.
Agatha was upset.
“First my classmates ditch me, now my mom!” She wailed, and she ran up the stairs with tears pouring down her face. She flopped onto her bed and sobbed into her pillow, wanting to disappear and never reappear. Little did she notice the shadowy figure looming in her doorway.
“What’s got you so upset?” An echoing, almost whispering voice asked. Agatha gasped and turned around, expecting to see a robber or a serial killer. Instead, she saw something very different. Standing in her doorframe was a shadow figure, with horns, a tail, and what looked like giant bat-wings.
“Wh-Who are you?” She stammered, shuffling away from the strange entity. The entity ignored how obviously uncomfortable Agatha was and strolled right into her bedroom. He grinned, revealing two sharp fangs and held out his hand to shake.
“My name is Kade. It’s a pleasure to meet you Agatha.” The entity said. Agatha thought he looked very familiar.
“How do you know my name?” She stammered.
“All demons know a person’s name just by looking at them.” Kade smiled. Agatha now recognized him.
“Demon, of course!” She gasped. “My book of strange creatures and sightings, that demon drawing looked just like you! You’re a demon?!” She cried realizing the intensity of this situation. Kade let out a slightly terrifying giggle.
“Well, of course I am!” He cried gleefully. “What else would I be? A leprechaun?” He joked. Agatha faked a laugh.
“I guess that was a silly question.” Agatha said. She looked up at Kade. “What are you doing in my room anyways?” She asked.
“I saw your little fiasco with the bullies in the park. What if I told you I knew a way to make them stop?” Kade said, curling his tail smoothly. Agatha’s eyes widened. But then she looked a bit confused.
“What can you do about them?” Agatha asked. “You’re just a demon. It’s not like you can really do much.” Kade grinned maliciously, and gave his wings a flap of excitement. Agatha squirmed nervously, beginning to dislike where this conversation was going.
“I can make them suffer. I can make them feel the pain that you felt all these years. All it takes is one little thing.” Kade said, smiling like a psychopath.
“And what’s that?” Agatha gulped. Kade let out a blood-chilling giggle.
“You make a deal with me. That I may possess your body whenever I wish.” Kade said, his voice echoing even more than usual. Agatha turned white as a sheet. She felt like she was talking to a madman.
“P-Possess? I-I don’t know. This doesn’t seem like such a good idea.” Agatha mumbled, playing with her braid nervously.
“Aren’t you tired?” Kade sighed, sounding exasperated.
“Of the bullies. Of being beaten up every day, of being called a witch, all of that? Don’t you want it to end?” Kade asked Agatha, floating upside down and crossing his arms.
“Well, yeah, but-“ Agatha began.
“Then join me.” Kade said, shoving out his hand. “Shake my hand, make the deal, end the misery.” Agatha bit her lower-lip. Thoughts rushing through her head at a mile a minute. On one hand, she thought Kade was an absolute psychopath, but on the other, she wanted the bullying to stop so badly. Finally, Agatha had made up her mind.
“Deal.” She said, taking Kade’s hand and shaking it firmly. Kade grinned wider than ever.
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