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I found this and it sounds good. I don't know where I was going with it.
“First Class and priority members may board the plane at this time.

The voice boomed over the speaker. Karen looked at her ticket, First Class. How she’d managed the upgrade she didn’t know and didn’t care. She followed the other passengers hoping it was going to be a light crowd and she’d have the row to herself. Her eyes followed the numbers then down to the empty seats. “Thank goodness, no one yet.”

Her headphones on and the complementary magazine in hand, she braced as passenger after passenger passed her row. Minutes went by and it seemed the plane would explode with all the people pushing their baggage into the compartments. She glanced at her watch, “ten minutes.” At least until the printed time on the ticket was met.

She’d finished her orange juice and a glass of ice water. Stretching her neck, she could see a crew member from the cockpit in conversation with the cabin crew. They stared at their watches and one went into the jetway. A few moments later she could hear more talk and finally running steps as a last-minute passenger arrived.

“Sorry. Thanks a million for waiting.” The man with the deep voice spoke to the crew as he made his way down the aisle. He stopped next to her row and tossed his case into the overhead bin and sagged into the chair, still breathing heavy.

Karen grimaced and didn’t look up. So much for alone time and braced as the plane backed up.

The ground gave away and puffy clouds brushed the plane as they left behind the familiar and painful feelings. Not that the pain left the minute the wheels left the ground, but the cause of all the pain now lay buried in the earth.

You’re supposed to love your parents. That’s what she’d been drilled all her life. How did one love the unlovable? She’d never been shown love by her parents, who at best were like visitors to a zoo. They came to her room at night before leaving for a party or some other country. They patted her head and made some equally silly comment then left. The nanny making sure she was washed, fed and schooled. Now they were dead. An accident. She was alone. She gave a snort.

“Something funny?” The deep resonant voice spoke beside her.

“What?” She glanced up at him. She couldn’t help it, the voice commanded attention.

“You gave a sound like something you were reading struck you funny.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2151642