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A very short rambling on sugar. Probably will expand it one day. It is a bit cynical.
Sugar Rush

In a diabetic world, sugar is the new street drug. There is even a sugar sush hour, a golden time where people comes for their high, their quick fix. Some comes because they hypoglycemies demand it. They are as any junkies. They need their fix right away. No one can deny that fact : this world is doomed for extinction. No one search for a cure, no one fight against this cocietal devil. The sugar rush can not be escaped. The temptation is everywhere, readily available for comsuption. It is also very cheap. It spread all across the city. Wehre it could end? It is not talked in the news. Why talk about common knowledge? NO ones sees the end of this affair. Sugar affect a soft spot in people. It is hard to resist. It is the ultimate perfect drug. Who will have the mental strenght to find a solution and apply it against all odd? The brave one must have a lot of courage and determination to get ridden of the sugar rush hour.
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