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Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #2151650
It is a dream my main character, Azure, is having.
A dream sequence

I feel the breeze while I stand in the high grass. The high grass bend and slightly bow under the soft breeze. I feel fufilled and happy. There is high grass as far as I can see, all around me. Very far aways, there are a mountain range. That sight calm me even more. I only miss the trees and forest. I may be too much acquinted to tree, forest and rugged terrain.

Under my feet, I feel the soft upper my feet, I feel the soft upper layer of the decomposed vegetation. Under that layer rich vegetal cushion, I feel the component for stones. I could easity make some for my personal pleasure. Those primordial ingredients are so close, I feel I could grab them and make a stone recipe, just right away. Stone making become easier and easier.

I can see a fox on the look out for a prey. An eagle is plonging to catch a mice. A snake is digesting his last meal, on a rock, under the sun. This is life. I could not see all this anywhere else. I breathe. No human being here. I do not feel lonely. It is where I should be. This is where I belong. I wish I could hear some throat singing, the asian one. I had always found that anian throat singing was perfectly matched for my situation, in this plateau, without trees. I feel aware that I am dreaming. It is sad that this place does not exist outside my mind. It kind of destroy the nice well being feeling that I have. I point my finger at the sky, as to touch the sun and the moon. Instead, I feel that my feet don't touch the ground anymore. I am levitating, going up, way above this place. I drip my arm, to stop my ascension. I turn on myself to see around me. I don't see anything that attract my eyes. As my sight return to the mountain range, my desire to go there is strong enough. It makes me move and fly in that direction.

Sadly, it is where I woke up, well before reaching my destination.
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