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Written for Women's History Month 2018 for my granddaughters.
Women's History Month 2018 in the United States of America began on Thursday, March 1 and ends on Saturday, March 31.

I am showcasing the strong women (Shalinda White, Nneka Barnes, and Ashika Williams) in my family today, but I am not forgetting about their daughters who are walking in their footsteps.

Tatiyana Miles -- The dancing queen "Ruby Tyrese"; producer of her own troop; halftime entertainment for the Wizards; choreographer and performer in her own rights; troop came in second place in the Prince George's County best dance group; while holding down a full 9 to 5; giving individual dance lesson, and really having a personal life. She is also her own fashion designer -- she can dress it up, dress it down, but she will never just leave her fashion alone. -- My Girl!

Eriyana Miles Barnes Nay Miles -- The granddaughter that took the time to make me a great-grandmother. WOW! who knew that she would go on to try out cosmetology, medical assistance, fast-food, community college, fast food, community college and now just five months away from graduating as a medical technician! She has made it her business to live independently, and has often put her foot down when she did not like the way things were going. Never too proud to ask for help, but darn show will never ask you for a free ride. She is the hardest working granddaughter in the entire world and makes sure that she stays in touch and calls daily to check out her grandmother. Though very young, her best is YET TO COME and I am just praying to be around to see her when she peaks! My HEART!

Jaylin Miles Jaylin Miles -- An incredible young woman with her head on straight. Finished high school a few months back while working and helping to support herself. She is currently attending Bowie State University and enjoying the freedom of living on campus, but making it home on the weekend when time permits. This is another one that is getting ready to soar. Got to keep working on my health to make sure that I am around to watch her make her mark on our world. My JAYBIRD!

Yes, I have other granddaughters (Khiarah Williams, Genevia Williams, Kandace Williams, and Miss Malinda Barnes), but they are younger than these three and have not come into their own, but I know the genes that they carry, and I know that they will be all that they can be because their parents will not allow them to be less!

So for Women History Month 2018, I present to you the third round of Miles women that are either in a position to take over the world or working hard to get in position.

Seven granddaughters of the seventeen living grandchildren! I think my crew did alright contributing to women's history.

Peace and blessings always.
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