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final outline
The outline should expand to include the following.
  Objective 31 - Write a synopsis of overall story.
  Objective 32 -  Insert where the dramatic premise and themes are evidenced.           
  Objective33 - Show where devices such as humor, anguish, foreshadowing and repetition are evidenced.
  Objective 34 - Show where the dramatic ingredients are used.
  Objective 35 - For each chapter, write and insert a synopsis of the highlights.
  Objective 36

                      Image Creation   
This will have to be commissioned.  The online images are too modern, stupid or comedic.

Overall Synopsis
TO RISE AGAIN:  Everyone stumbles, or falls down, or gets knocked down.  Everyone has that time when we are knocked down so hard we stares at the ceiling wondering if we can get back up. The smart ones figure out how to rise again.
Chapters:  To rise again
Chapters [I added a few expansion and POV Notes on some of the chapters to help me anchor the story]

1. Gentleman Farmer.  V1: Joshua Barney: An otherwise ordinary day  [POV:  JB]
Joshua Barney is a gentleman farmer in rural Maryland shortly before the War of 1812.  He is in his mid 50s.
Scene rural Maryland, 1810.  Gentleman’s farm
CC:  Joshua Barney.  Descriptive, pull some of character template
Quirk:  Absolute hatred for anything British
Scene:  movements around the farm.
Add backstory about saving an orphaned hawk, and the whipping he got from a father angry about him helping a bird of prey which will eventually compete with them for their chickens and ducks.

2. Officer’s Commission.  V2: JB: In the thick of it all  [POV:  JB]
S:  Joshua Barney is the only hope for a fledgling America to bring down the British a second time.

CC:  Joshua Barney meets with the President to get a commission and stationed on the flotilla he designed.

3. Death of a War Hero.  V3: JB: LCE, Death comes after all  [POV:  JB]
s:  It’s not over.  Joshua’s body may be dead, but his spirit is quite alive and wants revenge.

Joshua Barney dies in the war of 1812.  His last act is to be forced to watch Washington Burning.
The last act of disgrace is to shoot Barney in the face after he has been captured.
It’s not over theme inserted here.

4. Debutant.  Introduction of Constance Moseleigh at age 16.  [POV:  CM] 
S:  Constance is a headstrong teenager and her party has to set the standard for all others.
Connie’s father is a pharmaceutical industry leader.
Connie is especially close to her Aunt Maude.
A debutant ball is still expected for the well heeled socialites in the late 1800s
Scene is preparing for the ball.  Food, entertainment, logistics.  Include the latest acrobat on a penny farthing.
Add scene where Connie finds a Hawk’s feather and tucks it in her book of memories.

5. Fire and Ice.  Introduction of Aunt Maude  [POV:  CM]
S:  Aunt Maude is a force to be reckoned with. She is the keeper of all secrets in the social circles she weaves in and out of.

Breakfast with Aunt Maude would be a good time to introduce appliances in vogue at the time.
Backstory on Maude stealing Seascape painting with Joshua Barney.
Gifting seascape to Connie.  Warnings that go with it.
Maude is somewhat surprised that Connie actually listened. 

6. Convergence. 
S:  A peek at what makes a girl ignore the ones who love her to go after the one who is the worst for her.  A long hard look at the pain loved ones go through when a child is hell bent on jumping in without looking.
Maude is the sister to Connie’s father.  She has a motherly interest in Connie.
Aunt Maude introduces Connie and Dennis. 
Aunt Maude is sickened that her training went so sideways in that Connie is head over heels for Dennis and wants to marry him.
Still time to back out but Connie Runs full tilt into marriage and take very little time regretting it.

7. No Going Back.  [POV:  JB]
s:  A look at what it must be like if a spirit fears hell more than being bound to the limitations of  spirit form
Annie, Joshua’s first wife arrives to guide Joshua. He cannot go. His work in this world is not done. A conscious choice is made to subdue the dictates of his faith. It is not hard because war took care of that “affliction” long ago.

To survive he must find a host and that is his son. It will soon become apparent that a body cannot house two souls without consequences, but Joshua has a job to do and little care of consequences.

Show the repercussions of one body housing two souls.  Joshua is a quick study.  He learns very quickly that he is shortening his son’s life.  His son also knows what is happening and has accepted his father’s discipline.

Joshua does not need a host to “survive” but he does need one, willing or unwilling, to communicate and to feel/gain strength

8. Hatred Forces Poor Choices. [POV:  JB]
s:  Joshua’s last gleeful act as a spirit is to jump a Brit and use up his life force.  The final kick was to prevent the Brit from crossing over.  The Brit did not appreciate that.

Joshua is on his fifth host.  This person is British.  JB is sickened that the only viable host is British.  It could have gone either way.  He could have learned forgiveness or take his revenge.   
He pushes this one to death’s door.
Again, the tunnel opens.  Joshua staring into the tunnel and is being drawn towards the light.... Then he digs in his heels and refuses to leave this life because he would have to enter it with the sworn enemy and he can’t do it. The worm hole closes and he finds himself trapped, neither alive or dead trapped … again.
He manages to hold the Brit back, too, they both watch the tunnel close.

9. Trapped. 
S:  The consequence to having his way is that JB is now trapped and has to rely on the living to release him.

The fight begins.  It can be comical to watch two spirits go at.
Both spirits have devised plans to “take out” the other. 
The British spirit contains JB without snuffing out JB’s spirit, which                    
[POV:  One irritated British spirit who JB has prevented from crossing over.]

10. CC and Constance Moseleigh cross paths.  Dennis Smith’s true colors briefly unveil, but quickly covered up. [POV:  observant butler or hand servant, someone who just delivers information and forget the interpretation of what it all means.]
S:  They do not know it yet, but JB will be the one who saves Connie from a life of trauma and regret.  It could be JBs redemption, if he were not so stubborn and infactuated.
Displaying picture that JB is trapped in
         JB is a good judge of character.  He figured Dennis out and it did not take very long for him to do it.
         Scene is the parlor in the mansion.  The furnishings and typical way things are displayed. 
         Quick backstories to bring reader up to speed on why each character is reacting the way they do.

S:  Up to this point, we have seen how Joshua Barney lived and died, then how he became trapped.
70 years from his death have passed, he now has to ally with or challenge new players

Chapter 11: Financial Ruin: Dennis faces debtor's prison. 
Synopsis for 11-18:  Explore how a scoundrel’s con game starts and progresses.  There is a timeline and pattern that works for each one.  Connie is the chosen target.

Dennis is a womanizer and a gambler.  He runs out of sponsors for his bad habits. 
He is chased out of his last hunting ground too soon.  He is almost broke.

Chapter 12: Flight: Flees the Country
Dennis “borrows” money from his host family to get out of town fast.
He hides at the train station and watches to see if anyone is trying to find him. 
Insert train scenes, schedules, Pullman cars of that era, picnic lunches, soot through the window, heat of the day, uncomfortable seats, speed, conductor’s job, how to ride for free, etc.
Gets put off the train in a small town, stows away on a second train
Pickpocket because he had to leave town without a bag.

Chapter 13: First contact.  Dennis Smith: Freeloader with expensive demands and tastes.

Street scenes for circa 1880, type of shops, window shopping, tea shops, events and adventures for people, what do well heeled people wear, hair styles, trends for personal appearance,  etc.
First contact with Connie is rebuffed.
It’s not over theme inserted here.

Chapter 14: New Prospect:
Aunt Maud introduces Dennis to Connie.
If not for Aunt Maude, Connie would not have met Dennis. 
Connie is late to meet Aunt Maude. 
Second contact is via Aunt Maude, and the romance begins. 
Aunt Maude regrets the introduction, but cannot undo what she started.

Chapter 15: Marriage:
Connie marries Dennis...Joshua Barney watches helplessly... unable
to escape the confines of his painting.
Will want to have a scene what a midwest society wedding looks like, from horse drawn carriage, arrival at a church, the papparazi or that century's version of it.

Chapter 16: Abuse:
Joshua watches Dennis’s treatment of Connie escalate from verbal jabs to physical abuse....becomes angry when servants ignore what is going on...Struggles  to free himself from his bounds and save Connie. Ponders how he could help if he gets loose.

Chapter 17: Opportunity:
oshua witnesses Dennis drinking heavily and breaking things.
He is angry and struggles to free himself from the painting. He thinks through what he
would do if only he could free himself of the restraints.
         Good time to explore Dennis’s pattern of alcoholism and how it absorbs his temperament.
         This would be a good time to expose Dennis as British born.  How to do that will present in self muttering.

Chapter 18: Unfettered:
JB Sees Connie beaten by Dennis. Forces himself to think as the
violence carries Connie and Dennis towards the picture.Through sheer force of will he directs Connie away as Dennis's fist slams into the picture frame.
         No forgiveness this time.
         Both Connie and JB fight for awareness so that they can be the one to punish Dennis.

Chapter 19: Vortex:
Joshua enters into Dennis's mind conjuring up a terrifying recollection of past misdeeds. Dennis reels under the flood of dark memories... into the room a vortex forms and the specters of Joshua' own misdeeds join the surreal flood of  conflicting horrors. A battle rages inside a tortured mind as the two grapple and the apparitions drag Dennis screaming into the maelstrom.
release from Dennis so that he does not get pulled into hell.

Chapter 20: Vengeance:
Pull inner thoughts and battle to the forefront so that JB can see when to tear free and disengages from Dennis's mind as the wraiths drag him down into the swirling vortex.
He sees his wife once more extending her hand and imploring Joshua to join her in death.  She is joined by the five previous hosts who have forgiven him.
Once more JB digs in because his work is not over yet, or so he thinks. 

21           Mable Farrington,
S for chapters 21 to 30:  We all instinctively know when our mission on this earth is get complete.  Love comes in all forms.  Forgiveness is the only way to give the heart freedom to love completely.  Everyone instinctively knows when they are ready to leave earth, it just takes some longer to figure it out than others.  These are all lessons JB learns so that he can make his exit. 

Connie’s best friend, introduces Connie to Charles Farrington, Mable’s cousin.
Joshua listens in. 
Joshua sees the opportunity for his next host.
JB knows he will be giving up another opportunity to cross over, but his infatuation with Connie and his fear of hell override his common sense.

22           Force of Wills
Now that Dennis is out of the picture, Joshua uses Charles to get close to Connie. 
The first jump is intentional and there is resistence from Charles. 
Have to do serious negotiation to get the merge to be voluntary and not by force.
This is where Joshua makes a conscious decision to have a willing host so that he can feel again, smell again, touch again.
Charles gifts a Hawk’s feather quill to Connie as a sign to JB that he is a willing host.

23          Aunt Maude is back to interfering. 
Connie does not want another man in her life, but Aunt Maude is pressing on a commitment with Charles. 
Maude knows the secrets and payoffs if Connie teams up with Charles.
Connie went from a gentle, gullible romantic to a cautious skeptic.  She does not want to marry again.  Maude has an uphill battle to get her way to set Connie up for life.
Maude learns quickly and is no longer fooled by con artists.  She knows Charles’ secret life and is okay with it.  She can rein him in to give Connie some security.
Maude finds a dead Hawk in her garden.  She understands. 

24          Gentleman’s Agreement.
Joshua and Charles get into a gentleman’s agreement on when to stay merged and when Joshua must back out.
JB is sickened by CF’s lifestyle, but it is the only way to complete his mission.
CF is sickened by JB’s demands, but it is the only way to fulfill his desires.

25          Record Keeper
Aunt Maude is the town recordkeeper and makes a hefty income with her Hall of Secrets. 
Backstory on why she is training Connie in on how to earn a living and being self sufficent.
Aunt Maude asks forgiveness with the debacle named Dennis Smith.
Maude meets a resident of an Indian Boarding School and learns the significance of hawks.  She gets instruction from the resident on birds of prey in his culture.

26          Secrets out
Joshua disengages so that Charles can go to Club 411. 
Connie discovers JB.
Fears when you see a ghost, hear a ghost.  Set the scene with the mansion being dark and JB being a voyeur. 
Set a scene of knowing you are being watched and fearing for your life.  Connie is right back to waiting for Dennis to show up and goes into flight mode of those being stalked.
JB has to wait for Charles so that he can explain his presence with voice and touch.

27           Confession.
Charles Farrington, confesses to Joshua. 
Joshua must choose using up Charles life force or finding another host.
Threats are made by both.

28          Combat.
Joshua and Charles are in internal combat. 
Joshua is surprised Charles lasted this long.
JB and Charles are exhausted.  They find common ground which allows them to make amends and heal. 
Charles introduces JB to Connie, JB tries a second reveal.
Both make amends with Connie.

29          End of Days.
JB Now has courage to cross over, but fears that he will now go to hell
He may have saved Connie’s life, but is it enough for redemption.
Charles and JB will cross over together, but neither one knows if they are damned to hell, received into heaven, or wait in purgatory until the final judgment.
Set the scene for darkened bedroom, those standing vigile, last rites, final goodbyes.  Vortex opens and they go through….

30      To Rise Again.
Aunt Maude is now near then end and needs help crossing over.
It is a good time for her to confess to Connie her relationship with Dennis, Charles and Joshua. 
Backstory on being Connie’s mother.  [I may have to move this up] 
Each character has a personal message on what it is to rise again.
Connie finds a hawk feather on her windowsill. 
Final message to JB

Cast of Characters
CC – Joshua Barney
2nd Major Character – Constance Moseleigh
3rd MC – Charles Farrington (5th host for JB)
4th MC – Aunt Maude
Antagonist – 1 Anyone with British Blood
Antagonist 2 – Dennis Smith
Minor Players – George and Beatrice Moseleigh – Connie’s parents
         Mable – Connie’s best friend.
         Hosts:  JB’s son was the first, then a merchant marine, the one that trapped him, Dennis Smith, Charles Farrington, (I won’t develop each of these, but they may be mentioned at some point)

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