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The practice of zen

A walk

The trail reached out to me

and into the woods i went

and i and the forest embraced one another

I gazed to my left,

I was astounded by what i saw

A flower blossomed as if in slow motion first one pedal the

a second and the third
and the fourth open up and the flower emmerged

as the butterfly appeared to eat the nectar


To my greater amazement a humming bird appeared and

they joined together as if it was planned by the universe

And captured this moment in my mind as it wont happen again
They left

After Leaving the flower,

and the flower said
Let me grow more to replenish the nectar for the bees and the other creatures
Oh what a beautiful concept
How on struck was i as i pictured nature in a new light this morning as it would impact the rest of my day

As i contemplated this 60 seconds of amazement

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