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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Emotional · #2151758
Being torn between two chicks isn't easy
Oh, torn
Me, I, who would of thought
Thought I’d be torn between two chicks
The one Dani I did love and the other Lynn I’m so passionate about
Dani cares so much about me and is having a hard time just being friends
And Lynn, well she was there for me in a time of need but now I’m not of that need she doesn’t want nothing to do with me
I say torn
Because they both torn me apart
Dani can’t get over what we had and the more she dwells on it, it just tears me up inside seeing how she hurts
Lynn, well I tell her how I feel and try to keep in contact with her but it seems like nothing works for me to get close to her and that just tears me up inside
But if I could see her face to face again
I would be the happiest chick alive

This is what would happen…
And I look in her eyes and sing to her what she would want to say to me
“Don’t try to make you win me
Because I know you hate your life
And you and your stupid lies”

This is what I don’t get about these chicks
Because right after I tell her that I need her and that she inspires me
She pushes me off to some other chick
I’m sorry but I’m not a mushy mushy type of person
So for me to open up to you, spill my guts out, tell you how I feel
It’s something that will take you by surprise
Something rare and unappreciated

Oh man it’s just so hard to be friends after a relationship gone bad
Why can’t we just be friends without all the bickering and arguing
Without the hatred and jealousy
And the competition
Oh the competition
To see who can piss off who first
Or who will hook up with someone first
All you gotta do is mention some other chick
And the other is bound to get jealous and mad then start to act outrageous
It’s hilarious
It’s like a friendship on the rocks
But hey I didn’t order that

And I need a prescription of some kind because these chicks are driving me crazy
How can a chick look you in your eyes like that and tell you opposite of what she is feeling
And how I can look a chick in her eyes and not say anything
And she can fall in love with me
I don’t get it
Where do I fit in
I guess between these chicks
Because I’m either feeling and telling her how I’m feeling and she’s not feeling me
Or she’s feeling me but I’m not feeling her in that way

And I think to myself…
Shy and refrained
Why can’t I be tamed
Quiet and reserved
I get what I deserve
Angry and defensive
Because no one listens
Empty and feeling alone
Just wanna sleep and stay at home
Anxious and jittery
Causing a bitter me
Jealous and demanding
The weak girls I always wound up commanding

And this is what she says to me…
“I don’t understand why you gotta be so mean
I’m just trying to be your friend
Isn’t that what friends do
Be there for you
But how can I when you won’t let me in
I just don’t understand
Baby, I mean buddy, no I mean friend
You just gotta let me in
I am someone you could depend on, you just gotta let me in
Because whether you wanna be with me or not I’m here until the end”

Well I wish it was that easy to be her friend and let her in
But there are feelings I’m trying to protect of hers
And she just doesn’t understand
I just can’t be her friend, I just can’t let her in
And she doesn’t understand that it’s not that simple to just be happy…

They say it gets better but it seems like it would never
I’m just so tired of
Tired of feeling this way
And you
You shouldn’t be so self-absorbent
Everything is not always because of you

In reality
I care about the one I’ve been with and the other for which I’m deeply passionate about
But it’s no doubt
It’s just that I need to move on
And no longer for these chicks will I be torn
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