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Kelly finds a book that literally has her name on it.
Kelly wandered around the items for sale at her neighbors' big yard sale. She glanced into a box marked 'FREE'. Kelly saw mostly what she thought there would be – some worn toys, scraps of this and that, and even a couple drawn on pieces of paper that she guessed their three year old girl put in there. However, she wasn't expecting a fancy-looking book to be in the free box.

Curious, Kelly picked up the purple book. It was about as thick as a deck of cards and had a silver-colored swirly pattern across both the front and back of the cover. In gold letters at the top were the words 'How To', and on the bottom, it even had her name, Kelly Carr, written in the same gold letters and a fancy font.

Might as well, Kelly thought, It's free, after all.

Kelly walked off with book and to her family's house. She walked all the way into her bedroom and shut the door, locking it behind her. It was only then that she opened the book, and even the first page shocked her. It wasn't the difficulty of the projects, or the first thing it showed how to make, but the table of contents, which had listed machines that hadn't even been invented yet.

Kelly flipped the page to find that it actually had the instructions for making a teleportation device. First, she read, she would need to attach the super-micro-supercomputer to the jrrllp. Having no idea what either was, she referred to the pictures given. The super-micro-supercomputer looked only about as big as her pinky fingernail, and what she guessed was the jrrllp was about twice as large and looked like a nail with no head, except it had faint blue lines running down it. Just as she was wondering where she would get the things to make the super-micro-supercomputer and the jrrllp, and how to even make them, something poked her finger. She looked all around the book, and on the page, where her finger had been resting, but found nothing. Then she noticed that a piece of the paper was coming up, but it was thicker than the actual page. She pulled it up more, and found that the jrrllp had come right out of the page.

Kelly jumped back in surprise. She wondered how she could have gotten this odd book, who made it, and why she had never heard of these things already being invented before.

“Kelly, dinnertime!” her mother called.

Kelly hurriedly tried putting the jrrllp back in the book, but it wouldn't go. Finally, she gave up and hid it in her desk drawer as she ran out of the room.

“So, what were you doing?” Kelly's mom asked, feeding the little baby at the same time.

“Just looking through a book I found. It was free,” Kelly said, digging into her food.

“Ah, I see.”

“What was it about?” her dad asked.

“It's a really interesting sci-fi book,” Kelly answered, choosing her words carefully, “The pictures are so realistic, they almost jump off the page by themselves!”

“Sounds interesting,” her younger sister said, “Could I read it after you?”

“Well, it's a pretty thick book, Amelia,” Kelly swallowed her food, “I don't think I'll be done with it anytime soon.”

“Oh. Let me know when you are, then!”

“I will,” Kelly said, jumping up from the table. She set her empty plate in the dishwasher before skipping back to her bedroom.

Kelly peeled all the parts up out of the book, then put them together as it instructed her to. Pretty soon, she had her very own teleportation device. It didn't look how she had expected it to. It was like a necklace, with the jrrllp appearing to be the pendant. The included 'realistic spray' made the invention actually look like a necklace, which made for fewer questions from her family.

“Where did you get all these new things?” Amelia asked a few days later, when Kelly had made about a sixteenth of the things in the book.

“Well, I just find them and put them back together,” Kelly explained.

“Oh.” Amelia cocked her head. “Why is your necklace glowing?”

“My necklace?” Kelly asked, glancing down. She distinctly remembered that the machine she wore around her neck only glowed when it was about to teleport, taking whatever it was touching with it. Sure enough, it was glowing. Kelly only had time to sigh before she blinked out of the room.

At first, Kelly wasn't sure where she was, but she was close enough to where she was before that she could hear her little sister screaming.

“Kelly's gone! Kelly disappeared!” Amelia shrieked.

“No I haven't,” Kelly said, pushing her way out of the closet she had been transported to.

“What happened?”

“Nothing. I just . . . played a trick, that's all.”

“I don't think so,” Amelia said, “I don't think you meant to do that.”

“Okay, if I tell you, will you promise not to tell anyone?” Kelly asked.

“Yes, I promise!” Amelia said.

Kelly told her sister the whole story. After a couple days, Amelia couldn't help but tell someone about it. Of course, that someone was everyone she knew.

That was how Kelly got famous for inventing many amazing inventions that even the best scientists of the world hadn't known of even a week before. However, you should know that she was not the real inventor here. In fact, it was her great granddaughter, Mandy, who created the book without any help.

Seventy-five years in her past, fifteen-year-old genius Mandy pulled the hood over her head and, checking to make sure no one saw her, placed the purple book with a silver swirly pattern in the free box at the yard sale, setting in motion the events of the past that wouldn't have happened without her.
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