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This is about all of us. About accepting our true selves. Mind this is really short.
Here goes nothing, hello my fellow writers and readers. Let's face it, the truth, we know that life is hard but we make we make it harder. We hide our true selves just so we might not get judge, once you decide to dress yourself as another person who isn't you, you just killed yourself, not literally but emotionally. You begin to love that you fit in, but you soon realize that you don't like that life and you look for alternatives, you find one and then you feel lonely and isolated. You change. They change. The world changes. But time moves faster and then faster. You feel trapped, you are suffocating. STOP! Stop lying to others and most importantly to yourself. Let's end this. Be yourself and Then you don't have to wonder if people love you for you or for some person you created based on society's expectations.
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