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A letter from a daughter to her mother apologizing for being an out of control teen
Dear Mom,

I want to thank you for being by my side
Always being there for me, even when you caught me in a lie
There is so many ways I want to thank and tell you how much I love you
But understand it’s hard for me to
I know lately I haven’t been the daughter you could ever dream of
The one hanging out late nights, doing drugs
Being miss attitude
Disrespecting you, being rude
Getting all these tattoos and piercings but I don’t do it to disrespect you and make you angry
I do it because this is the way I express myself, what I want people to see
Yeah and also liking chicks but it wasn’t a choice I want you to understand that
That’s why I liked being around the group I hung out with, because I could be myself, and that’s a fact
I want to let you know all the craziness that happened that year was me being scared to grow up, graduate
To go out into the real world and escalate
I know I hurt the family and was being selfish
But if I had a wish
I would take most of it back
But some of it I’ve learned from it
Grown from it
But I’m happy this we got through
And this poem is for you
To show and tell you how much I love you

This is from your sincere daughter
Who appreciates everything you’ve done and bought her

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