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Finish this sentence: This was an "oops" as I didn't know they just wanted a sentence..
News Feed Item Finish this sentence:The sky was clear and we were enjoying a nice walk in the park when all of the sudden ...

The sky was clear and we were enjoying a nice walk in the park when all of a sudden I heard it. That long lonesome wail of the siren that signaled another attack. I ran, pulling her behind me as the lupine forms first began to break from the trees.

The squat cement building was a rest room, but doubled as a shelter. At this point I didn't care which door we were headed in. "God please let it be open" I thought, "please" A moment later we were pushing through the entrance and locking it behind us. I shut the light and quickly pulled my daughter to the far wall. Sliding down the wall we sat together huddling in fear and silence.

The outliers were first, they were the fastest, sleek light and ravenous. I held her tight to me as we listened in the darkness hearing the excited yips and yelps as they tore past. The footfalls became heavier, the cries deeper as the hunters began to move closer. There was a scrape at the wall we leaned against and I felt her suck in her breath. A tighter hug was the only reassurance I could give. Seconds passed and we heard nails click away on the cement pad outside.

We sat in stunned silence as the invaders passed, their cries diminishing by the moment. I could feel my daughter trembling in my arms and knew we had been lucky. I quietly stood her up and led her by the hand and we peeked out the door. The sky was still clear but I knew my daughter would never consider this needed trek to be just a walk in the park again.

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