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Samantha's friend is now leaving
I ride down my bike down the street,
just to see my friend one last time.
I enter the two story house that was once full, but now empty.
"Jasmine!" I call out.
"You're here Samantha!." She skips down the stairs just to give a bone breaking hug.
"Of course I would be here! I wouldn't want to miss your depart..." My throat feels closed in and my eyes start getting teary, it seems like Jasmine does too.
"T-this is why you are my BFF" She sobs out. I can't hold back anymore, I cry.
"P-promise me you won't forget me," She sobs
"You know I wouldn't, I'll miss you A lot," I say back.
"So will I"
"I got you something" I put my hand in my pocket to pull out a bracelet
"Samantha, you shouldn't have!"
"But I did. I wanted you to have it so you would at least have something to remember me by"
"But I have nothing to give you, it makes me feel bad!"
"Don't worry," I pull out my right hand to show a bracelet identical to the one I gave "I Got one too...see...They are the same!" She smiles.
"I'm really going to miss you, you should visit any time you can."
"I will"
"Promise we will be BFF's?"
"Pinky promise?"
"Pinky promise"
Her parents call her name from the truck, I guess it's time to go our seperate ways now. We look at each other, and hug each other one last time.
"Bye Samantha Prim" She sobs out
"Adios Jasmine Manilla" I sob back
She goes to the truck and gets in. She waves to me and I wave back.
I watch the truck drive farther away from me putting end to the countless sleepovers and pranks we pulled together with our siblings.
I sit down on the the lawn that once was theirs.....


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