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We do not have to believe in God, but wasn't that belief better than what we have now?
Family bonds are being fractured. Black families are being torn apart. Children are pitted against each other. Spirituality has been shot down so much that almost no one believes.

When I went off to college I was told that I needed to educate myself in four areas Mentally, Physically, Spirituality, and Socially -- not necessarily in that order. However, any one of these without the other would leave me lacking and unfulfilled.

Today, we have gotten rid of mental health initiatives.

We have loudly proclaimed and the world believes us -- GOD IS DEAD (Check Time magazine, if you missed the proclamation).

Most of us are obese and living proof that we are not physically fit.

We no longer really talk with each other and share ideas and work together for solutions, therefore, we are socially dead except for parties, movies, and other physical entertainment.

In place of the four basic areas of growth and development emphasized when I went off to school one major change has occurred and swept our Nation by storm and ALMOST everyone climbed on the bandwagon and encouraged our children to follow -- sexuality with no moral compass!

Look at what that has gotten us. Look at what we have given up for sex, greed, and power -- corrupt government, constant shootings and killings and mass murders -- the open practice of hate and racial divide.

NO, not everything was good with the old ways of life, but they taught us love, respect, self-worth, dignity, work ethics, caring, forgiveness and a desire for the pursuit of happiness.

I want those old-time values for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren and beyond.

I know in my heart of heart many of you want the same things, so do not get sidetracked and continue to follow the crowd. Maybe God is dead. Maybe there is no life after death. Maybe they will figure out how to give all of us robotic parts and we will live forever, but wouldn't it be great to live in a world where you have real freedom and the teachers do not have to WEAR GUNS IN SCHOOL? How about a world where your children do not have to worry about being molested by the gym teacher or some other person in leadership?

DON'T YOU DESERVE that WORLD! DON'T YOUR CHILDREN and future generations?

Just something to think about today as we scramble to deal with identity theft and the rest of the foolishness that we have come to accept as NORMAL!

Peace and blessings always.
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