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An essay describing my experience during a thought experiment I conducted on a black hole.
This essay discusses what I saw while conducting a thought experiment on whether black holes observed the laws of non-locality. I will only discuss what I saw and not the mechanics of the thought experiment itself.

Non-locality is the notion of having no definitive "place" or "location" in spacetime. Non-locality is evident all over the universe, but none so evidently and absolute than what I saw in the region of a black hole during my thought experiment! We will discuss why I feel that the inside of a black hole is completely cut off from spacetime altogether and why I hypothesize that the inside of the region is of complete non-locality from my observation.

From what I had seen, black holes appear black on the outside in the view of the event horizon, the region around a black hole that is the invisible border from which there is no escape going beyond it and into the black hole itself. Beyond the event horizon is actually a region outside of spacetime.

I seen that black holes appear to be data storage, which observes and documents what light or information falls in. The inside of a black hole stores and encrypts all of the things that it has observed. If you were inside of a black hole, you would see that there isn't any space and time. It's completely transcendent without the laws of physics. Nothing can escape, not even light. You are essentially everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Everything that has ever and will ever fall in is there with you and you no longer exist in the universe as we know it!

It is reasonable to say that in the current conditions of spacetime, trying to comprehend or understand everything that has happened, is happening and will ever happen as happening right now, as I had felt putting myself in this particular black hole throughout the thought experiment, is that such a thing is so beyond imaginable. So why would we try to imagine it? It's just the enormous amount of data inside of a black hole that astounds us, drawing us to them. Black holes are in their entirety non-local.

The thing that people don't understand about the event horizon, from what I witnessed is that you absolutely must touch it, just the very outside edges before you are dragged in. It doesn't really matter if you are near it, it's not the size of the black hole that creates enormous gravity, but that you have to touch the edge of the event horizon before you no longer exist in this universe. The event horizon itself is what creates the enormous gravity.

I also ventured deep inside the core of the black hole, however, I did not find a singularity. But what I was really looking at was a flat disk shape object. You know how gravity is usually a force? Well, the object at the heart of a black hole is actually gravity itself! The gravity is so immense, so incredibly dense that it had turned itself into a solid mass, a wall of gravity! Beyond this point, nothing can pass... How this ties into non-locality is still a mystery even to me, even after examining it in my thought experiment, as well as the image that came out a year later, which I had edited and rendered a new image that showed what the inside of the distant black hole, Powehi of the M87 galaxy looked like.
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