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For those who want to request me to do something.
Here are some of the things I will and will not do. If you have ideas that I haven’t done or something I have done that you want see more of, let me know. If you have any questions about what I do or what to know about something, let me know. I do reserve the right to decline something if I so choose.

Things I will do

Weight gain
Body Inflation
Breast Inflation
Belly Inflation
Vore (Oral is preferred)

Things I won’t do

RP (will not do no matter what. No persuasion of any kind will make me change my mind. This is absolutely forbidden and no acceptations of the rule.)
Scat/Water Works/other toilet works - That includes any belching and farting
Male genital kind of stuff
Male/Male kind of things
Gay kind of stuff in general
Body Possession (unless it’s something that I approve of)
Overly Sexual things (i.e. face sitting, sexual acts in-depth and other stuff.) Will mention such acts but this is restricted more than just flat out won't do.
Over use of sex in general (would do if not overly descriptive)
Foot play of any kind.

If there’s something in my “won’t do” section you want me to do, let me know beforehand and where. I don’t accept payments but if you feel like you want to give something, I accept any amount of gift points over 100. All is good if you keep within reason or want me to go out into won’t do then let me know and ill check it out first. I can decline something that I find uncomfortable with. If I was paid before doing so and can return it if possible. If not, I will do something else without extra charge.
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