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A divorced dad changes into a monster, impressing his son Nick.
Ron, he was a 44-year old man. He was a 7'9 man with ginger hair, and a big bushy beard, blue eyes, and he was wearing the brown shoes and blue socks, as well as black slacks, and a white shirt in a green tank top.

He had recently been divorced by his wife, Bertha, who always claimed he was a 'weirdy beardy nutter', especially when he pretended to be a monster and/or different animals to her friends, and how he once played a joke on her, thinking he'd been shrunk.

His son Nick was living with him, since his mom had recently got a new boyfriend called Liam, a punk who liked skatebording and all sorts of extreme sports; something that Nick wasn't keen on, due to how dangerous they were. He usually preferred seeing the extreme sports on the tv.

One day, Ron awoke early. He looked at himself in the mirror. He gasped - his beard was bright blue, instead of ginger colour.
all his hair, chest hair, beard and all, had turned a light blue!

he also had horns on his head, like those of a cow, but pointier, bigger, and more green.

He saw Nick off to school and went to the tv, and as he sat watching it, he hardly noticed more strands of hair tuning blue.
he sat watching a film about a king who floated up in the air over his kingdom, like a balloon.
he laughed out loud when he saw the king's buttons pop off his expanding belly.

Suddenly, Ron's shoes disappeared, closely followed by his socks, pants, and shirt, and undies!
When Ron looked in his cupboard and drawers, he saw that there were no clothes anywhere in them at all! He was naked!

the next day, His skin turned purple.

it happened in the span of a day.
It started of with a few tiny purple spots on his body. by lunch time, it was rather large purple splotches, and then, the purpleness spread throughout his body. By evening, Ron was as purple as a huge naked human grape.


sharp nails on the fingers and the toes.


wITHIN SECONDS, his fingernails were now much longer, and all ended in sharp points. IT WAS THEN he discovered that it wasn't just his fingernails that were growing. Some of his teeth were now much longer and sharper too. AND HIS HANDS WERE GROWING TO TWICE THEIR SIZE.
THEN, HIS FEET CHANGED, his toenails had gotten longer and sharper too, as his feet began to swell to much larger than their original size.

When Ron woke up the next day, he had gained a third eye in the middle of his forehead.

Thankfully, school was cancelled due to a power failure that would take all of the week to repair, so Nick could help his dad through the last change of his transformation.

Ron and Nick spent the whole of the day in the garden, relaxing in the sun.
Nick tickled his dad's monster feet. they were much bigger, and had a slightly vile smell on them, but they were very ticklish.
Ron laughed, and laughed till he suddenly coughed, and growled. "What-whh-what's HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEARRRK!!!!"

Then there was silence. Ron tried to speak, but what came out was "NYARGLEBARGLE!"
Ron could no longer speak real words, and no longer wear clothes.

then, the final changes happened;
the grown teeth turned into fangs.
his legs and arms grew longer.
and his nose grew a bit longer and more pointed, as did his ears.

WHEN Nick woke the next day, he saw his dad's monster tf was complete.

Nick hugged the monster that was his dad; even though he was hideous, he was still the same dad Nick grew up with.
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