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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2152035
a dark figure searches for a lost little girl... and finds her.
Writing prompt: What is a monster? And angel? Use them in the same scene.

The door busted open, a figure in a trench coat and a hat walked in. The room was dark and musty.
“Hello?” the figure said in a deep voice.
The only answer that was returned was a deep still silence. The figure began to look around. As he walked around the room he opened drawers, turned couch cushions over, opened any and all cabinets.
“Where are you?” the figure said softly,” I know your here.”
Slowly and meticulously the figure made his way around the room, then moved from room to room in this small place. This figure was not being neat or nice, but in fact was being quick.
After a few minuets the figure made its way to what looked like a kitchen. As he was looking through the cabinets, the sound of a couple of dogs outside caught its attention. The sound only made the figure pause for but a moment before he continued his search.
A few short minuets after the figure finished its search of this place. The figure stood in the center of the living room, with one hand upon its hips, and the other stroked its chin.
“I thought you were here,” It remarked,” I guess I was wrong.”
The figure turned to leave out the door he smashed in, and just before he left. He stopped dead in its tracks,The figure turned its head and looked at a pot belly stove in the corner of what looked like the lving room.
The figure walked over to it, reached down and opened the door on the front.
“Ok, what secretts are you hiding?” it asked as the figure bent over and looked inside.
The air was still and silent, no sounds were being made from inside the apartment. The only sound heard was the dogs that it heard earlier.
“There you are,” it said as it reached inside the stove and pulled out what was left of a pair of partially burnt child's underwear.
“Oh my God!”he said softly just before the sound of some one approaching the front door attracted his attention.
In response the figure ducked into the kitchen , and caught sight of the dogs playing tug-o-war in the back yard with something. He felt the need to stop and look at the dogs, only to find out that they were playing tug-o-war with what looked like, in the darkness, a childs aputated leg with a small black shoe still on it.
“What the hell?” a voice permeated the air with anger and fear.
The figure moved out into the yard through the kitchen back door, as quickly and quietly as he could. As soon as he stepped out side one of the dogs noticed him relinquished control of the leg and charged towards the figure, teeth bared and very upset that someone or something would enter their area. The figure moved like it was a simple reflex when the figure dispatched one dog the the other, yet kept out of sight of any window in the apartment.
After both animals were put down, the figure saw the occupant of the apartment looking to see what or who was in his place, but saw nothing.
It was quite obvious that the trench coated man was up set, as he picked up on of the carcasses and tossed it through one window, and the other through another.
“What the hell,” the occupant said,” My dogs...”
As the occupant looked around his tossed apartment, the figure moved around, unseen behind this man, and then pushed him to the ground. Once the an realized what was going on, he rolled over and looked t this person
“What are you doing in my place? ' he demanded.
“Looking?” he demanded,” looking for what.”
“Nothing now,” the figure said as he tossed the underwear at him, hitting him in the face,” But found something I would say.”
“Hey I found those!” he said loudly, I had nothing to do with the little girls disappearance.”
The figure stood there looking at him, and shook his head in disbelief.
“That's not proof of anything,” The unsightly man stated.
“No,” the figure continued,” your right. It isn't.”
“Yeah!” the man started mocking the figure,” You got nothing.”
“I didn't until you let the dogs play with her leg and I found it.”
The smile left the man's face, as he knew he was caught and had no way of getting out of it.
“Ok,” he said,sorrowfully,” You got me. I did it. Take me in I am sick and need help.”
“Help?” the figure said angrily,” you need help?”
“Yyyyes,” the man begged for his life,”I need help”
“Well a human being deserves help,” the figure said as he turned around and picked up a meat cleaver off the counter,” But dogs get put down.”
With a big burst of either anger, or rage, the figure swung the cleaver at this man, hitting him squarly in the head. The mans movements stopped instantly, yet the figure just began to swing, hitting this man in the same spot time and time again and again.
As the cleaver impacted with this mans head, it shot a stream of hot blood out , splashing it up on the walls. Once the figure stopped swinging the cleaver, he dropped it and casually walked out of the apartment, leaving the door open for the authorities to find.
“Yes, you monster,” he said as he walked away,” dogs get put down.”

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