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I wrote a polka song about my little dog Freddy who loves to eat,especially Polish food.
Gruba Swinia Szczenię Polka
(Fat Pig Pup Polka)

I wrote this about our little dog Freddy who lives to EAT! *Heart*
He is such a piggy. His food obsession is his only bad quality.
We *Heart* our little Gruba Swinia! LOL.

I found a little doggie,
He was so black and small
He was just a tiny thing
A ball of fur that’s all

His big eyes looked so hungry
His tummy was so thin
But when I fed him people food
Bad habits would begin

Gruba Swinia, Gruba Swinia!
The dog who thinks he’s a pig
Gruba Swinia!,Gruba Swinia!
How did you get so big?
(repeat chorus 2 times)

I bought him special dog food,
Made to make puppies grow.
It has a lot of healthy things,
lamb and sweet potato.

I bought a fancy dog dish,
It cost me twenty bucks.
But when I put the dog food in,
He said…
Have a nice day and good luck!”

Gruba Swinia, Gruba Swinia!,
The dog who thinks he’s a pig.
Gruba Swinia!,Gruba Swinia!,
How did you get so big?-end chorus

He loves it when the grandkids come,
He knows they’ll give him treats.
Even though from dawn to dusk,
All that he does is eats.

And later when it’s TV time,
They’ll be no room you see.
He hogs my favorite chair,
And steals popcorn from me.

(repeat chorus 2 times)

There’s no such thing as holidays,
For Gruba Swinia.
For every day he eats like King,
Of Pork and Kapusta.

There is nothing he won’t eat,
From Pirogi to Golabki.
He likes to suck on pig’s feet,
They belong to him you see!

(repeat chorus 2 times)

When I come home from shopping,
He goes through all the bags.
He sticks his nose in everything,
He’s not careful what he grabs.

Once he stole an onion,
For a bedtime snack.
I heard him gag and choke and bit,
And then he brought it back.
(repeat chorus 2 times)

I don't know where he puts it all,
He must be a great magician.
For one so small,he eats so big
I do not understand.

He blends in when there's food nearby,
A real master of disguise.
But when I say "go away"
He gives me those puppy eyes
(repeat chorus 2 times)

I know he’ll go to Heaven,
Who could say no to that face?
He’ll walk up to St Peter,
And bark at the Pearly Gates.

But then he will smell something,
A lot like BBQ….
And spots some stairs that lead way down,
And then he'll take his que…

Gruba Swinia!, Gruba Swinia!
The dog who eats like a pig,
Gruba Swinia, Gruba Swinia,
But your heart is twice as big!
Gruba Swinia!,Gruba Swinia!,
How did you get, How did you get...
How did... you.... get.... so big?!!!!
Gruba Swinia!!!!
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