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A model of true beauty.
Madeline Stuart 1

They say Wednesday's child is full of woe, but all you'll see on Madeline Stuart's face is a big smile. That's because she's showing the world that a woman with Down Syndrome is just as beautiful and talented as any other woman.

Born in Australia on November 13, 1996 with three holes in her heart and a leaky Mitral Valve, Madeline didn't let her health or her extra chromosome keep her from living an active lifestyle. She grew up swimming, dancing, cheer-leading, playing basketball, and more; yet she struggled to keep up with friends and sports because of her weight. (1) With a determination and self-control that brings inspiration to many struggling with weight and health issues, Madeline showed the world that it's possible for a person with Down Syndrome to shape and mold their stereotypical bodies, when she shed forty-five pounds.

Madeline Stuart 2
"Through modeling I am changing society's view of people with Disabilities. Exposure is creating awareness, acceptance, and inclusion" — Madeline Stuart.

"She did not lose weight to become a model but became a model when she lost weight as she felt empowered and confident to strut her stuff," Madeline's mother, Rosanne, shared at newidea.com/au

Madeline has strutted her stuff twice on New York Fashion Week's runway. (2) She has also modeled at Art Hearts Fashion Week, Style Fashion Week, Melange Fashion Week, Caspian Fashion, Runway Dubai, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week China, Birmingham Fashion Week, and Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival (3), with the press dubbing her, "the world's most famous model with Down Syndrome". (4)

Madeline Stuart 3
"I believe that by 2040 women will be represented as they should be — as beautiful people of all shapes and sizes. It will not only be the tallest or the skinniest...but normal, everyday people."
— Madeline Stuart

It's only been three years since she told her mother, "Mum, me model." and already Madeline is swimming in success. Besides accomplishing her goal of becoming a world-renown model, she's also the Ambassador of her mother's dance school in Brisbane, Australia, "Inside Outside Dance Ensemble". (5) In addition, Madeline has started her own line of clothing, "21 Reasons Why". Launched in February 2017, her collection of designs are said to be, "contemporary, edgy...perfect for day wear and yet trendy and versatile for an evening out on the town". (6) And in 2018 a documentary, produced by B-Reel, will spotlight her life. (7)

With Madeline paving the runway, it won't be long before the standard by which we judge beauty will evolve and, lord willing, change for the better.

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