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A young crush reborn.
I was eight or nine when I first heard it. We had watched a show called Spiderman and Friends when my father said it. "There's something about a Red Head.". He chuckled and smiled to himself as Firestar glided across the screen. He was absolutely right. I watched her, and longed for her. My first crush as a boy, I was smitten,and I didn't even know it.

I was forty eight years old. The longings for my sweet auburn haired heroine had been forgotten, when I saw her. We talked several times on the phone, and planned a date for Saturday night. I hardly concentrated on my work as the days ticked by.

Saturday crawled by at a snails pace as I prepared to meet her. "I will be late, but I will be worth it" read the text. Her statement was straight forward and bold. I had chills and was excited while I waited in my car. Two hours later headlights flashed and her car pulled into the lot

I moved to her car to meet her. Her door opened slowly and she slid out of the car. Black boots that luxuriously climbed her legs held my gaze. Fishnet stockings bridged the gap to her stunning leather corset. I sucked in my breath as my eyes traveled up her body and met her smile and dazzling green eyes. I was awed, her hair was brushed forward and glistened in the moonlight. I stuttered a shy hello as she kissed my cheek in greeting. She was confident and exuded an aura of control. She laughed slightly as I stood for a moment mesmerized before her.

I followed her into the club like a small child or puppy that dared not stray from her. Heads turned in her wake and people watched. We sat and talked for hours. When she smiled her eyes would alight with a playfulness that was not lost to me. I had to know more, I had to get closer.

She let me hold her hand as we talked and explored the club. I relished in the touch, her hand felt so warm and alive.I was proud to be with her and felt so lucky. I listened closely, the club was loud and I didn't want to miss a word. We watched and I felt flushed as she leaned against my chest. My arms wrapped around her and I shyly looked up at her. She acknowledged me with her eyes and gave a slight nod of approval. I relaxed under her gaze and relished in the closeness.

A short while had passed when she led me into a quieter room where we could talk. We sat on a bench and she extended her legs across my lap. I gazed at them for a moment,and looked back at her. She smiled at me and nodded at her feet. I reached down and lovingly touched the incredibly soft leather. As I caressed them, I could feel her shapely legs underneath. She smiled as I moved closer, and then smiled once more as I leaned in for a quiet kiss. I blushed as I broke the kiss and understood the smile in my father's words all those years ago.

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