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by Angel
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A description of a picture and the details within it. Ideas that it may spark

(A Perspective on a Picture)

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There were two people sleeping here, only one bedside cabinet, assuming it's a man and a woman she sleeps on the right side of the bed as you look at the picture because there are what looks like cosmetics on the bedside cabinet on that side of the bed. There is a what looks like a laundry basket on the other side of the bed, perhaps strategically placed to encourage him to put his clothes in there when he takes them off, especially socks so they don't end up on the floor. There isn't much space so it has to be kept tidy.

She sleeps with only one pillow but he needs an extra one, she throws the duvet off as she gets out of bed, he slips out of bed hardly rustling the covers at all.

Three windows are a lot for such a small room, at least it appears small from this point of view. Outside are three houses, each one is framed in a window, two-storey ones in each of the end windows and a bungalow in the centre window. The bungalow has an extension in the roof that appears to be at least one or more extra bedrooms. The house on the left stands out because of the red door and as I was looking at this house I could imagine that something suspicious was going on there (note, don't paint your door red). It also has a roof extension adding another bedroom to the house making it look like a three-storey house. The bungalow and the house on the right are hidden more by trees making this house clearer, another reason that it appears to stand out.

It's winter, there's snow on the ground and there are no leaves on the trees. The area looks quite affluent, the houses quite large and the fact that two of the houses have been extended speaks of having enough money to do this. The house that isn't extended on the right is a larger house than the others, so you get the impression there is no need to extend this one. I wonder if the room we're looking from is also from an extension in the roof, hence it being so small.

The room itself has a drab colour scheme, mostly greys with only the green curtains, bedside cabinet and a laundry basket to break it up. Even they merge into the background so that you hardly notice them. The duvet and the pillows match with grey and white stripes, except for the extra pillow, but even that one is the same grey colour so compliments the theme of the room. The houses outside are grey, the only colour that stands out is the red door. There is a little brown from brickwork of garden walls and a touch of green where the grass is showing through the white snow. There are tall green trees behind the house with the red door, maybe this is another reason the house stands out, it has the most colour surrounding it and within it. This house is whiter than the other two houses. This makes it appear cleaner and clearer in the picture, it draws your eye to it like an artist when they paint a picture and they draw you to a particular point.

I feel something could happen in that house; a writer could easily start with why was the bed empty so early on a Saturday morning. There's no clock there to tell you what the time is, however it is light outside so not too early but where are the couple who were recently sleeping in that bed; what have the people in the house with the red door to do with their disappearance?

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